Women and new-born died attempting to deliver baby watching YouTube

Women and new-born died attempting to deliver baby watching YouTube: An unfortunate incident took place on Sunday night in Bilandpur city where an unmarried woman died giving birth to her child with the help of delivery video on YouTube. The woman was 26 years old and was unmarried full-term pregnant.

She attempted to self-delivery at her rented accommodation where she watched the child delivery video on YouTube while giving birth to her child. The police said on Monday that the child was a boy and they both died in that delivery process.

Station house officer (SHO), Cantonment, Ravi Rai said that the occurrence took place in the area of the city Bilandpur, under Cantonment police station, on Sunday night. He also further added his statement by saying that the possible cause behind her attempt of self-delivery was “fear of social stigma attached to being an unmarried mother.”

Ravi Rai said the matter came to light on Monday morning when the deceased’s neighbours well-versed her landlord about blood flowing out of her room.

Rai said, “Her landlord Ravi Upadhyay broke open the door and found the woman and a new born baby boy lying dead. He immediately informed the police, who reached the site and sent the body for post-mortem. Her smart phone revealed that she was watching ‘how to deliver baby by self’ and other similar safe delivery processes on YouTube”.

The SHO also informed that some surgical tools were also found near woman’s body such as scissors, a blade and some thread.

He said that the woman was the native of Bahraich and had taken the room on rent just four days back. Her family was informed about the event, who confirmed that she was not married, he said.

While asking about the woman from the landlord, he said that she came to him just few days back and said her mother will be coming soon in few days to help her in delivery. He doesn’t find anything suspicious so he with the legal process lends her the room.

Her landlord said, “The woman approached me just four days back and told me that her mother would be coming soon to assist her in delivery in hospital. After verifying her details through Aadhaar card, I rented the room to her.”

On the other hand, Rai, couldn’t confirm the particular purpose why she had rented the accommodation in Gorakhpur as her family members were tight lipped over the matter

Rai said, “Prima facie it appeared that she tried to give birth by watching YouTube. After post-mortem her body was handed over to family members who have refused to lodge FIR against anybody”.