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Women’s Kabaddi Challenge 2016 Ice Divas vs Storms Queen Preview Prediction Live Score

Women’s Kabaddi Challenge 2016 Ice Divas vs Storms Queen Preview Prediction Live Score :- The Men’s Pro Kabaddi League is underway and it is spreading the heat in the various cities of India. Whole India is celebrating the Desi sports of India.


Meanwhile, we all are forgetting that the daughters of India are also in the action in the Women’s Kabaddi ChallengeLeague.

Yes, Guys, I am talking about Women’s Kabaddi Challenge Season 1 which has already ben unleashed on 28th June 2016. This tournament is not popular like the men’s Kabaddi League but slowly- slowly it is taking its foot in the world of the Kabaddi.

This was organized to enhance the popularity of Women’s Kabaddi in World , especially in India. Just like the Men’s Kabaddi team , the women’s Kabaddi team’s popularity was fading day by day and now it is looking that even women are taking their step into the world of Kabaddi.

This is the very first season of Women’s Kabbadi Challenge and organizers received an average response during the first match of this kabaddi league.

The first match of this tournament was won by the Red Hot- Firebirds as they defeated the Ice Divas by 25-12.

Ice Divas has started their tournament with a disappointing loss but now they need to regroup and must take their feet in this match with a positive mindset.

Although, this team’s defense is completely explored in the first match but no on can underestimate the potential of this team. This team ha the enough firepower in their tank.

Abhilasha Mahatre is the captain of the Ice Davis and she is the player to watch out for in the future.

On the others side, this is the first match of the Strom Queen team of this Tournament and they would love to start their tournament with a bang.

Tejeswini Bai is the captain of this team and she must have monitored the last match of Ice Divas that they lost in the first game.


Amandeep Kaur, Abhilasha Mhatre (C), Sonali Shingate, Monu, Deepika, Devika Chauhan, Khusbhu Narwal, Meenal Jadhav, Monisha Mete, Pavithra, Raksha Narkar, Sumitra Sharma, Usharani, Lalita.


Tejeswini Bai(C), Bhawna Yadav, G Gurusundari, Sonali Lane, Moti Chandan, Kshiteeja Hirve, Anju Devi, Deepika Henry Joseph, Jyoti, P Bindiyarini Devi, Priyanka Negi, Rashmita Sahoo, Sakshi Kumari, Savita.


This match is quite difficult to predict as we all are aware of the potential of Storm Queens team but for me, Ice Divas is looking favorite to win this match, especially after their loss in the first match.

Ice Divas will now look to bounce back in this match and now ould look to register their first win in this tournament.