World Bicycle Day 2018: Why We Should Do Cycling, & Read How It Can Boost Our Health

World Bicycle Day 2018: Why We Should Do Cycling, & Read How It Can Boost Our Health: On each and every, June 3, Sunday, we all globally celebrate, the World Bicycle Day, which is being organized by the UN to celebrate the bicycle as a “simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit” method of transport.

The bicycle is also known for brings many health benefits and in this article, we will discuss how the bicycle is boosted our health and also very important for us. The World Bicycle Day is also about that.

After some recent research done, which is shows how swapping the car for the humble bike can be big health boost for us.

Reduced stress & Improved mood

As per a Canadian study, which was published on the last year of 2071, said that the cycling to work can help people to get off their day begins, with those who commuted to work on their bike arriving in a better mood and with a lower level of stress can a cycle can give which a car can’t give.

This positive effect also helped all cyclists have a better day in general; reducing stress and cycling also boosting work performance though.

A lower risk of heart disease

A Research published in the UK, earlier this year said, the cycling or walking to work is helpful to cut the risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease (CVD) or stroke.

The large-scale study looked at over 350,000 participants to find those regular commuters who used a more active means of travel for commuting, like cycling, had an 11% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) and 30% lower risk of fatal CVD. Regular commuters

Regular commuters, who cycled in their additional or free time, had a 43% lower risk of fatal CVD. Even those who were not regular commuters but actually, took bike occasionally saw benefits, which display an 8% lower risk of all-cause death anyway.

Reduced the  risk of the 2 kinds of diabetes

The University of Southern Denmark, carried out, A large-scale study, which says that the cycling can help reduce the risk of 2 kinds of diabetes.

The post looking at 24,623 men and 27,890 women, researchers said that those who cycled regularly were less likely to develop 2 kinds of diabetes, and the more they cycled each week, it will be lower the risk also.

The results also point out that even those who took up regular cycling at a later age still can have benefited from the cycling, which will be lower, around, 20% of the risk of developing 2 kinds of diabetes than non-cyclists.

It can help keep off extra weight

As per the UK researchers, compared the daily modes of transport of nearly 150,000 applicants found that cycling was one of the most effective forms of exercise which can keep trim and also help people in losing the weight that was even more effective than walking actually.

Those people who cycled to work had lower BMIs than those who walked, drove, or took public transport have lower levels of body fat than those who took public transport or the car.

It’s safe for sexual health

earlier this year, 2 divided studies published, said that the cycling does not affect a man’s sexual or urinary health or a woman’s gynecological health.

The first study, carried out by the University of California, said that the male urinary health and the cyclists’ sexual health, was no worse than swimmers’ or runners’, though adjusting the handlebar height to be higher or even with the saddle decreased the chance of genital numbness and saddle sores.

UC San Francisco, Researchers, also said that though female cyclists had a higher risk of genital numbness and saddle sores than non-cyclists, and also the higher risk of urinary tract infections, they display no worse sexual or urinary function, and in fact, high-intensity cyclists may give the advantage of the improved sexual function.