World Day against Child Labour 2019: 152 Million Children are woking forcefully for living

World Day against Child Labour 2019: 152 Million Children are woking forcefully for living:  We all get our paychecks and these 152 million children between the ages of five and 17 are being forced into labor under unspeakable conditions. You can’t blame them because they have to feed themselves and money can’t grow on tree, not even for the kids. Yes! We can blame God, government, authorities or their luck because they born poor but in true since we aren’t able to help any of these kids.

Well, you all may know it already and we don’t really need to reprise that there are so many kids & children are working forcefully even though they aren’t capable of any labouring and they are around us. We are living in a developing world and these kids are the future of our world, in various way but they are struggling to live their live hardly due to the overwork lode or poverty. We are sitting in our air-conditioned offices while these kids are working hard in the age of learning.

You all are going to be horrified after knowing some stats of International Labour Organization which launched World Day against Child Labour in 2002 to grab global attention to the terrifying figures of child labor. Also, they did share some heartbreaking facts this year so we can focus towards this problem. As per the reports, 152 million children involved in child labor worldwide, 73 million perform hazardous work.

Now, hazardous work means manual scavenging, construction, agriculture, mines, factories, as street hawkers, domestic help, etc. These so-called hazardous jobs aren’t mean to be good for the kids because they drain their energy and it is really a hard job for anyone in this world. The ILO points out, “endangers the health, safety and moral development of children,”.

You all be amazed to know that in recent years between the ages of five and 11 involved in hazardous labour has increased to 19 million. Wow! This is really not a very good sign of improvement and it shows that we aren’t doing anything good. According to 2015 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, Seven children under the age of 14 and 10 children aged between 14 and 18 died due to factory and machine-related accidents.