World Hypertension Day: Causes, symptoms, cure for this lifestyle disease

World Hypertension Day: Causes, symptoms, cure for this lifestyle disease: We all are ready to celebrate today the World Hypertension Day, also known as WHD, which we observe globally on every May 17. Since 2005, the world observes, World Hypertension Day, that is set an aim to create awareness on the important issue hypertension and encourage people to take preventive measures against this persisting disease.

World Hypertension Day: Causes, symptoms, cure for this lifestyle disease

One out of every eight people in India suffers from high blood pressure, as per the latest and the recent study by a Union health ministry defensive health programme that screened 22.5 million adults across 100 districts in India in 2017 has found.

From 2013 to 2018, the theme of the World Hypertension Day or the WHD has been ‘Know Your Numbers’ – that indicates the meaning of knowing what your blood pressure is, in that way spreading awareness on abnormally high blood pressure and arterial blood pressure.


Hypertensive crisis occurs at what time there is a sudden increase in blood pressure, potentially causing organ damage. For example, one risks heart failure, kidney failure or stroke when the blood pressure gets very high.

Symptom and the indication of hypertensive crisis can be breathlessness, chest pain, changes in consciousness, repeated vomiting, severe headache, and convulsions.

In such circumstances and situation, emergency medical attention – including early control of blood pressure – is obligatory to avoid wounded and fatalism.


A person can fall prey either to primary or secondary hypertension. While primary hypertension has no obvious cause (mostly lifestyle-related), secondary hypertension happens because of the underlying factor like kidney disease or hormone disease.

“The most common cause of hypertension is an excess salt intake in the diet. Many genetic factors also make a person prone to high blood pressure. Sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol use are other common causes. Hypertension in very young people could be due to disease of the arteries or hormone disorders. Chronic use of analgesics can also gradually increase blood pressure,” says Dr. Vivek K Nambiar, head of the division of stroke, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.


At the same time, because, hypertension that can pose a noteworthy risk of heart disease and stroke, which can be, although, controlled. High-stress levels, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits are some of the major reasons for hypertension in young people.

How can it be prevented, then?

“Taking at least 10,000 steps a day, ensuring weight-loss and maintaining a healthy diet goes a long way in preventing hypertension. Along with this, practice at least five minutes of mindfulness after waking up each morning to reduce blood pressure and stress,” says Dr. Charit Bhograj, consultant cardiologist, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru.

“In cases, you are a young hypertensive, go for a thorough medical check-up to ensure that there are no secondary or more sinister causes of hypertension.”