World Idli Day 2019: Here’s The Intriguing Story Behind This Delicious Day

World Idli Day 2019: Here’s The Intriguing Story Behind This Delicious Day: For the last 3 years, 30th March is actually has been celebrated as World Idli Day. The appetizing south Indian steamed rice cake is often taken for breakfast along with piping hot sambhar and serves with a variety of the tasty chutneys.

World Idli Day 2018: Here's The Intriguing Story Behind This Delicious Day

And this is really awesome to see that on every March we celebrate the World Idli Day (okay, it’s us, we would say it), Twitterati or the netizens were mostly surprised when the hashtag #WorldIdliDay was going viral and trending on the social site.

Actually, this was among the top three Twitter trends in the whole India for the whole day. World Idli Day for the win!

As per one leading media source, The Daily Pioneer, World Idli Day is the brainchild of Eniyavan, a well-liked idli-only caterer from Chennai. The Hindu Business Line reports said that in 2015, he made an overwhelming 1,328 multiplicity of idlis to institute and celebrate this day.

There was also a giant 44-kilogram idli that was cut by a top bureaucrat to close the deal and declare March 30 as the World Idli Day forever.

Twitterati was quick to declare their love for the global and tasty food idli, with many even sharing recommendations from where we can have the best idlis in most of the Indian cities (after all, sharing is caring).

And due to we absolutely love idlis, we even check through Twitter and various social media site, in order to find the best idlis to be consumed and eaten on this World Idli Day.

Some facts about idli

  • Idli doesn’t have calories as the food is a purely steamed food with high amount of digestive power.
  • Idli was reportedly invented around in 700 CE. The earliest this was mentioned that the food Idli saw in the Kannada writing called Vaddaradhane by Shivakotiacharya in 920 AD. The Kannada king and scholar Someshwara III also included Idli as a recipe in his encyclopedia, ‘Manasollasa’, written in Sanskrit ca. 1130 A.D.
  • Apart from Rice Idli, people also eat Rava Idli. Furthermore, Idli can be made in different kinds of the fried idli, chocolate idli, and spicy idli and so on.
  • One of the popular kinds of the Idli is the Rava Idli was invented at the time of World War II in Karnataka. Reportedly, during World War II, when rice was in short supply because of the war, they experimented making idli or the rice ball using semolina and created Rava Idli.
  • Idli’s diversity differs from places to place with different-kind of names also. In Karnataka, Idli is made up of their local ingredient which is called Sanna. Idli is also regarded as the Hittli in Konkani; Sanna is a famous coastal Karnataka food item. Sambar out-of-the-way, sanna is served with traditional coastal fish curries.
  • Apart from Sanna, Muday idli is a Mangalorean alternative to the white wonder. Wrapped and cooked in banana leaves, Muday is on the top list of Udupi hotels.
  • People think maybe that Idli can only be made with Rice and Rava. But as we all know Indians are like to do experiment with foods, so now idli can be made up with the different ingredients. Like, we can prepare idli with ragi, different millets or parboiled rice replacing regular white rice for idlis.
  • We can also consider Idli as a shape maker. Yes, Idli can be turned into Upma as many south Indians take idli and give it the shape of Upma before serves. Besides, people have also given a modern touch to Idli as now idli can be available in form of Chinese items, such as Manchurian Idli, Schezwan Idli, Chilli Idli, Mini Idli and so on