World Mental Health Day 2018: Awareness on this subject is needed

World Mental Health Day 2018: Awareness on this subject is needed: You all should know that today is the World Mental Health Day 2018 and it is an important day for the people all around the world. As you all may know that the technologies are increasing day by day and the mental health problems, disorders, anxiety, and depression are also increasing every single year. We aren’t blaming technology but the thing is that the 21st century changed the way we used to live. Now, we have much more problems and solutions are also here, but sometimes these solutions aren’t the best for our mental health.

World Mental Health Day 2018

In short, you all can relate that Social Networking sites are good but they all are harming our nature in various ways. We have all benefits and you can say that we are living in a very best time. We don’t have to face any world war and we have freedom with a variety of option. You can do anything and nobody will stop you until you are harming someone or breaking the law. So, we are living in the best ear of time but are we? This question is simple and it does raise a lot of problems.

You all should know that it is a very big issue and mostly our teenagers are getting affected by this. We put up so much content on our social feeds to earn those “likes” from our friends and followers. We post what we eat, where we go, who we hang out with and sometimes this whole this can harm us. We hardly use social media to talk about things that bother us or about difficult situations that we go through. Overall, we are in much trouble and when we needed someone when don’t have that person.

Also, we are so busy creating a virtual life and in reality, we are losing the main grip of our life. Now, you all can understand that how the mental problems are getting into our life. We can avoid those problems by making some real friends, we can talk to someone, we can meditate, read the book before going to sleep, reduce your time on the Internet. Eat healthy food, and just don’t stress about others problem a lot.