World Meteorological Day 2019 History, Themes, Quotes, Messages, Images & Pictures

World Meteorological Day 2019 History, Themes, Quotes, Messages, Images & Pictures: The United Nations’ (UN) World Meteorological Day is celebrated every year on or around March 23 in order to remember the World Meteorological Organization’s establishment in the year 1950. Various different events and events are organized for this occurrence.

World Meteorological Day 2019

This year World Meteorological Day is going to be celebrated on 23 March 2019, Saturday.

How People celebrate World Meteorological Day?

World Meteorological Day frequently features several events such as sessions or discussions seminars and exhibitions for meteorological professionals, communal leaders and the general public. Certain events target to attract media consideration to raise meteorology’s profile.


Many prizes are presented for the meteorological research or declared on or close to World Meteorological Day. These prizes comprise of:

  • The International Meteorological Organization Prize.
  • Professor Dr. Vilho Väisälä Award.
  • The Norbert Gerbier-Mumm International Award.

Numerous nations issue postage stamps or special postage stamp withdrawal marks to celebrate World Meteorological Day. These stamps often redirect the event’s subject or mark a country’s meteorology accomplishments.


The International Meteorological Organization was initially established in the 1873 at the first International Meteorological Congress in Vienna, Austria. The association targeted to form meteorological station networks. These set-ups were related by telegraph and enhanced weather forecasts. This donated to shipping services’ safety and competence.

On 23 March 1950, the International Meteorological Organization turn out to be the World Meteorological Organization. It became the UN’s specialized organization for meteorology, functioning hydrology and associated geophysical sciences in the year 1951.

The World Meteorological Organization plays a vital role in contributing to people’s security and well-being. Its work is significant in providing food safety, water resources and transportation. Since the year 1961 World Meteorological Day has been observed on March 23 each year.

Themes of World Meteorological Day

Themes of World Meteorological Day in past few years are as follows:

Weather, climate and the air we breathe (2009)

Observing our planet for a better future (2008)

Polar meteorology: Understanding global impacts (2007.

Preventing and mitigating natural disasters (2006)

Weather, climate, water and sustainable development (2005)

Weather, climate, water in the information age (2004)

Our future climate (2003)

Quotes on World Meteorological Day

Of all the departments of science, no one seems to have been less advanced for the last hundred years than that of meteorology.

The icy layers of the upper atmosphere contain conundrums enough to be worthy of humanity’s greatest efforts.

All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control.

If the observation of the amount of heat the sun sends the earth is among the most important and difficult in astronomical physics, it may also be termed the fundamental problem of meteorology, nearly all whose phenomena would become predictable, if we knew both the original quantity and kind of this heat.

Perhaps someday in the dim future, it will be possible to advance the computations faster than the weather advances and at a cost, less than the saving to mankind due to the information gained. But that is a dream.

We have learned that there is an endocrinology of elation and despair, a chemistry of mystical insight, and, in relation to the autonomic nervous system, a meteorology and even… an astrophysics of changing moods.