World Music Day 2019: How it started, significance and all you need to know

World Music Day 2019: How it started, significance and all you need to know: Music literally brings the world closer and connected with each other. Not just words, there are notes, songs, and tunes use to express every emotion and the music is all about that which express emotion to people via songs or poems.

To mark its significance, music lovers all across the globe celebrate the World Music Day together each and every year on June 21.

The day is also regarded as the Fete de la Musique post a music festival that began in France in 1982.

This is regarded as the French minister of culture Jack Lang conceived the idea of music via this fest and since then, the World Music Day has been celebrated as the World Music Day.

Though, there is another theory which says, that how Joel Cohen, the American musician proposed the idea of an all-night music celebration in France which also marks the beginning of the summer solstice in 1976 and since then, the entire world celebrates World Music Day on the 21st June.

The day through light on the importance of music and how it helps people to connect with each other even in the across borders.

Several kinds of the musicians perform for free which also display the power of music on this day. Aspiring singers and young players mesmerize listeners by playing their instruments in public which is also touted as a mode of the recreation for the public.

This is also slowly become a part of pop culture and the day, World Music Day, is literally celebrated in more than 32 nations as one of the most important summer events anyway globally.

In order to mark the day, around 150 artists from over 16 nations, including France, USA, Nepal, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and India, will be performing at multiple venues across the city of Udaipur, in India, in this year of 2019.

The line-up promises to be a beguiling and the enthralling one. From Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy to Txarango, a Catalan fusion band, performing at the fest, the event promises to bring a bouquet of culturally-diverse music on a single platter anyway.