World Photography Day 2019: How things changed with photography in world

World Photography Day 2019: How things changed with photography in world: Happy World Photography Day 2019, before we start the article about this beautiful day we would like to tell you that “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”— Aaron Siskind. This is one of the most beautiful events and people are crazy about it.

World Photography Day 2019

Let’s go back in the 90s where we were not full of cameras and having a picture of or camera was luxury that time. Now, we aren’t talking about the Kodak revolution which might be changed the scenario a bit, and every fifth of the sixth person was available with their camera. People didn’t think that soon a time will come when they’ll have a lot of cameras around them, now various mobile phones, Smartphones, & various cameras are available in the market. People are using photography quite often now and clicking picture to store their good memories is quite easy.

Today is World Photography Day 2019, and we want you all to keep smiling and keep sharing the good moments with your friends and family. Photography is very basic now that every single person can click pictures with their Smartphone. Unless you aren’t living under the Stone then you might be heard of Instagram, now let’s go back and imagine that you are telling the 90s or 80s people that they or their upcoming generation will able to do a lot of stuff which might look magic for them.

I’ve read it somewhere and I won’t waste time in quoting that, “We aren’t right, we are just being little wrong by every new generation updates.” Now, in this occasion of World Photography 2019, we want that you all click your favorite photo and share it on your Insta profile, not to show off, not to be a part of trend, but you can do that to store a good memory, and come on we all can do that, it is a very simple step.