World Stroke Day 2018: Check Signs, causes and treatment in India

World Stroke Day 2018: Check Signs, causes and treatment in India: You all should know that World Stroke Day 2018 is here. You all can say that the October 29 marks World Stroke Day. We think that the people should celebrate the World Stroke Day 2018 in a way to raise awareness in this day. Someone somewhere around the globe dies from the disease. Here we are going to talk about the symptoms and how to prevent an attack. You all know that World Stroke Day 2018.

World Stroke Day 2018

Some of you may know that these strokes are responsible for the death of various people and the numbers are increasing day by day. Also, the strokes are killing more people than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined and yet it remains a silent epidemic. We think that awareness about this subject is needed and we need to work on that. A stroke refers to a lack of blood supply to parts of the brain, which causes brain cells to die or leads to extensive damage.

World Stroke Day: Drive launched in Trichy to raise awareness about early treatment

Also, you all should know that I can affect mobility and speech, among other aspects. Even in some cases, we have seen that the Strokes leaders to the various other problems too. In a way, you all should know that October 23 is important for all of us. World Stroke Day is all about raising the awareness and making this problem go away. Also, you all should know that one of the key factors that minimize the damage is early detection.

Even an early treatment can help you in the case of stroke. We have seen people getting better of living because in early treatment the damage from the stroke can be minimized. The usual form of treatment includes clot-busting drugs that break blood clots. You all should know that exercise and other healthy activities are important for being healthy and in this case you can all those too.