What! World’s First Self-Driving Trial Taxi Service kicks off In Singapore

What! World’s First Self-Driving Trial Taxi Service kicks off In Singapore :- The buzz about the driverless taxi is on a cliff in recent times. The world is eagerly excited about this new development in the field of automobiles.


We were the first to inform you about the driverless taxis and now, we are here with the good news that if you are residing in Singapore or you are planning to go to Singapore for Holiday, then you can enjoy the experience of driverless taxi and the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for riding on these taxis.

But, hold your horse’s friends, although we have told you that you can enjoy the free rides of driverless Taxi, but it is only a trial. Yes, the makers of this taxi have taken the permission from the Singapore government to trail driverless taxi in a specific area of Singapore.

And, as these taxies are still on trial, so there will be a driver in it for any unwanted situation. The driver is appointed to avoid any uncertain events if any technical error occurs in these driverless taxies.

The US-based company nuTonomy is the maker of these driverless taxies. The nuTonomy was founded in 2013 and earlier there were developing the software of the automobiles, but later they invented this driverless taxi.This company was founded by two MIT researchers specializing in robotics and driverless technology.The nuTonomy has both head office in Singapore and US.

Meanwhile, the driverless taxi is available for trails in the north of the city-state, a rather quiet business district and will run in 2.5 sq mile (4 sq km) area. Also, there is just pick up and pick off option available, and this means you cannot ask the driverless taxies to drop you at your desired destination. 

It is believed that  nuTonomy chooses Singapore for doing the trail of driverless taxies as this city is known for the taxi as owning the car in this city is not in the hands of average earning people, so they mostly hire cabs for them.

Meanwhile, nuTonomy is not the lone company who are working on driverless taxi. Also, the companies like google and Uber are also working on driverless taxies.