Worldwide Boc : Baaghi 16th Day Box Office Collection Total Income Report

Worldwide Boc : Baaghi 16th Day Box Office Collection Total Income Report : The Bollywood movie Baaghi made a huge collection at the box office on its 15 and 16 days after it’s released. The film features, the budding superstars Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles and the film did extra ordinary box office collections at the domestic market as well on the overseas.


The audiences’ response the romantic action thriller Baaghi received, it is par apart. Baaghi received mixed to positive and negative response from the public in which Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor’s role received huge accolades.

The Telugu actor Sudheer Babu is also played an important role in the movie and he played perfectly the role of the antagonist in the movie. The movie starts with Martial arts champion Raghav (Sudheer Babu) kidnapping Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) take her to Bangkok in order to marry her.

Sia’s father P. P. Khurana is worry for her but he can’t do anything to save her as Raghav is a powerful man. Khuraana knows that only man can now save Sia from Raghav, Ronny (Tiger Shroff). So he calls Ronny and Ronny and Sia eventually fall in love with each other.

Baaghi is an out an out Masala flick which is an official remake of the Prabhas, Gopichand and Trisha Krishnan starrer Telugu movie Varsham. The rain is playing very important role in the movie Baaghi and the fans will notice rain in every important moment in the movie.

Baaghi 16 Days Total Box Office Collection:

Baaghi Day 1 Box Office Collections: Rs 11.94 Crores
Baaghi Day 2 Box Office Collections: Rs 11.13 Crores
Baaghi Day 3 Box Office Collections: Rs 15.51 Crores
Baaghi Day 4 Box Office Collections: Rs 6.72 Crores
Baaghi Day 5 Box Office Collections: Rs 5.77 Crores
Baaghi Day 6 Box Office Collections: Rs 4.62 Crores
Baaghi Day 7 Box Office Collections: Rs 4.03 Crores
Baaghi Day 8 Box Office Collections: Rs 2.31 Crores
Baaghi Day 9 Box Office Collections: Rs 2.43 Crores
Baaghi Day 10 Box Office Collections: Rs 3.17 Crores
Baaghi Day 11 Box Office Collections: Rs 1.38 Crores
Baaghi Day 12 Box Office Collections: Rs 1.21 Crores
Baaghi Day 13 Box Office Collections: Rs 1.14 Crores
Baaghi Day 14 Box Office Collections: Rs 1.06 Crores*
Baaghi Day 15 Box Office Collections: Rs 1.01 Crores*
Baaghi Day 16 Box Office Collections: Rs. 1. Crore* (Early Expectation)

Total Collections Till 15 Days: Rs 74.43 Crores*
Total Overseas Till Date – Official: Rs 19.64 Crores
Total Baaghi Collections (Overseas and India): Rs 93.07 Crores*