Would You Fave $ex On Screen For £400?, University Pays Couples To Have $ex on screen for an important reason

Would You Fave $ex On Screen For £400?, University Pays Couples To Have $ex on screen for an important reason :- OMG!!! Would you have sex on screen for £400? ,While, A University pay couples to have sex on screen for a significant purpose and the videos will be worked to support condom use among young generation by dismissing the tale that they refuse pleasure.


According to the source report’s, Where An innovative project by a university is inviting couples to have sex on videotape in a direction to support the use of condoms to young characters and three couples old among 18 and 25 will be taped having sex in ‘natural surroundings’, including a student bedroom and a car and will be given £400 for their job. Film-makers tell it is to push the information that applying a condom does not destroy the mood.

Before you bounce the weapon, the recordings will be a piece of Coventry University’s Chance 2 Change crusade, which is gone for dispensing with a practice that has been seen most in porn motion pictures.


The thought is to advance condoms by indicating individuals that condoms don’t murder the state of mind. Most porn films demonstrate entertainers without condoms, making a myth among the young.

However, Project head Dr. Katie Newby told the videos to aim to explain to people that, opposite to traditional belief, sex can yet be pleasant and sexy even when stopping to fix on a condom.The video will exclusively be accessible to people grown over 18 and will further have clips of people telling how to put on the condom to enhance pleasure and couples discussing how condoms part in sex lives, simultaneously with videos of people having sex.

The drive will also come up with a condom provision set, a free stock to carry condoms and will further allow people to work out condoms of their selection.