How to Write a Motivational Letter for Any Occasion

These kinds of letters are also known as statements of purpose. They go a very long way in ensuring that a person gets the position that he or she is applying for. A motivation letter is a document sent together with other application files, especially when one is applying to attend a particular university or college. It is used to give a personal account of why a particular student should be given the chance to attend a particular educational institution. The motivation letter can become the determinant of whether you get accepted to a certain school or not. This document can be considered as an article that allows a person to deliver a personal description of their professional competency and their personal motivation about studying a particular course in a particular university.

The biggest difference between a motivation letter and a cover letter is the fact that a cover letter is used to apply for a job while a motivation document is used to apply for a chance to attend a certain institution, apply for internship, or volunteer positions in non -governmental organization.

The fact of the matter is that admission officers usually get hundreds or even thousands of applications at any given time. Therefore, it means that they do not have time to go through each and every application and read it whole. You have to write an excellent letter to entice them to read your whole application.  In this way, you give yourself more time and a great opportunity to show them why you deserve a shot at studying at that school. Here are some of the things that you should make sure to include in your letter to make it very interesting to the admission officer:

Make Sure To Personalize It

When writing a motivational letter, make sure that you make it personalized, ask a professional essay writer for a help. Try to be authentic and write about your feelings and interest. Admission officers will not be amused if they think that your paper was copied from the web. Make sure that all your interests and feelings directly correlate to the course that you are applying to study. Failure to do this will mark your letter irrelevant and nothing more than a big waste of time.

Make Your Introduction as Interesting As Possible

As we have already mentioned, academic officers receive a large number of personal statements at a time from students with a desire to study at that particular school. Therefore, they do not have enough time to read every application. They usually have about 15 seconds assigned for every article. Therefore, when writing this letter, always start off with a catchy introduction. Having a catchy introduction immediately grabs the attention of the admission officer making him or her want to read your whole essay. You are then able to give yourself a great chance to show why you deserve a chance to attend that school.

Do Not Repeat What Is Written in the Application Form

This is one of the mistakes a lot of students usually make. It is important to remember that your motivational statement gives you a chance to display some information to the academic officer that you could not include in the other application documents. Therefore, repeating some information that is already in the other documents actually beats the purpose of writing this article.

Make sure that this document is used as an article to show another side of you that makes you very interested in studying a particular course at that very school. Do not use it as a paper that simply retells your curriculum vitae.

Tie Your Personal Statement to the Specific University You Are Sending It To

Although this letter’s main purpose is to tell more about yourself and hence show why you deserve to be given a chance, it is always important to point out some specific things about the particular university that makes it the best choice for you. This is one of the personal statements errors made by most students.  Do not just write general factors that can be true for any school. Showing how the particular school is the best institution for you actually increases the chances of you being admitted.

In conclusion, remember that the motivation letter is an extremely important document. It gives the author a chance to show his or her strengths. Moreover, it delivers a chance to prove the admission officer why you as a student suit for the particular educational institution. Through this letter, a student is given an opportunity to argue his case and convince the admission officer why he or she deserves a possibility to study at a particular school. This is why it is essential to make sure that your motivation letter is written according to the prompts above before you send it.