WWE Monday Night Raw 6th June 2016 Results Winners Fights Schedule Highlights

WWE Monday Night Raw 6th June 2016 Results Winners Fights Schedule Highlights :- The Childhood of an individual is incomplete if that individual is not associated with any sports. And when it comes to sports, no sports is bigger than WWE.

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Such is the impact of this sports in the every corner of the World. This sports have the history of producing superstars, since its arrival. And if I would remember of my childhood’s  WWE superheroes, then names such as Undertaker, Kane , Triple H and John Cena comes to mind.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6th June 2016 Results

But in this recent past years, a name that has dominated the world of WWE is John Cena. John Cena has started his career in 1999 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling. And  in the last week, this superstar arrived with a bang on WWE Raw , however, The Club has disrupted and ruined his return. Will John Cena Seek his revenge? This is the main question over last week  days.

The insult began when last week John Cena was beaten badly by The Club in the ring. This assault resulted in the match between the AJ Style and John Cena at the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank on June 19.

This will be interesting to know what John Cena has in store for The Club on a Monday night Raw. Meanwhile, Karl Anderson , Styles, and Luke Gallos are trying to rule to the WWE’s new era.

On the other hand , Seth Rollins is doing what in which he is best, he is playing the mind games by teasing the Roman Reigns.

Last time ,Seth Rollins had teased Roman Reigns when he faced the WWE Heavyweight Champion. He teased him and walked away.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6th June 2016 Fights Schedule

This is the reason , Reigns wants a desperate fight with Rollins before the WWE money in the Bank which is on June 19.

The Six men have made it to the WWE money in the ladder for this year.

Recently John Cena tweeted that”Its been called  a Dream Match. Now after the 15 years of wondering ” what if WWE network finally brings you AJ Styles vs Cena”.

From this tweet, it looks very clear that John Cena is very excited and is ready to face AJ Styles.

John Cena is very famous amongst the fans of WWE because of his gentle nature and he has never been involved in any controversy.

Fans love him, they respect him and the important thing about  Cena is that this guy  really respects his fans too.

John Cena will find his supports from the fan in the upcoming matches and we will keep providing you the updates on this superstar life. So stay tuned for further updates.