WWE Raw Monday 4th July 2016 Match Winners Results Schedule Hd Video Highlights

WWE Raw Monday 4th July 2016 Match Winners Results Schedule Hd Video Highlights :- This is a Monday night and the World is ready to witness one of the major sporting events of the WWE. Yes, friends I am talking about the RAW, which is once again back and will rule in the hearts of Fan.

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WWE Monday Night Raw 4th July 2016 Results



On this Monday , fans can witness a greater fighting event as there is a tag match organised. According to the sources of WWE, a match has been organised between the team USA and the team World. These both will feature in a tag team match.

Now, it has been announced that Smackdown will go live on July 19, 2016, so we can now expect one of the ex-GMs to stop by for the Monday celebrations on WWE Raw.

Also, the Jerry Lawler will be seen in the commentary box on tonight’s RAW. The will be the another good opportunity for the King to put his impact in the WWE RAW.


  • Are “Team U.S.A.” world-beaters?
  • Will Cena get payback against The Club?
  • Will a former SmackDown General Manager join in Monday’s festivities?
  • Can Titus O’Neil capture star-spangled gold?
  • Could The Miz score a leading role in this summer blockbuster?

The biggest match of this event will be between the John Cena and The Club. A question arise here that Will John Cena be able to take his revenge from The Club.?

John Cena is one of the greatest fighters of WWE and he is the only fighters in the WWE history who has got the supports of the crowd behind his name. He is crowd favourite ad he loves his fans.

The Club consists of the three fighters Karl Anderson, AJ Styles and the Luke Gallows and these three have the history with the John Cena.
Last time John Cena had thrashed Karl Anderson but AJ Styles fooled him and trapped the John Cena and was all over him.

Now, it will be interesting to see how John Cena will come at The Club or Will The Club will again be able to beat Cena? Only time has the answers.


Apollo Crews eliminated Sami Zayn.

Sheamus eliminated Apollo Crews.

Zack Ryder eliminated Cesaro.

Big Show eliminated Chris Jericho.

Big Show eliminated Alberto Del Rio.

Zack Ryder eliminated Sheamus.

Team USA emerged victorious.

Bubba Ray eliminated Sin Cara.

Kalisto eliminated Bubba.

Cesaro eliminated D-Von.

Chris Jericho eliminated Jack Swagger.

Mark Henry eliminated Kalisto.

Kevin Owens eliminated Mark Henry.

Kevin Owens and Kane were eliminated by disqualification.