WWE Rumors: 7 Reasons Dolph Ziggler At The Verge Of Retirement

WWE Rumors: 7 Reasons Dolph Ziggler At The Verge Of Retirement :- The last couple of month we continue to hear about the rumors about the retirement of Dolph Ziggler. Although, there were no official words from the man himself it is believed that Dolph is unsatisfied with his role in the WWE.


Now, there are few whispers that Dolph will retire from the WWE once his contract gets expire. The career of Dolph nearly came to end by himself when he lined himself for the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz in a Career vs. Title match to be held at ‘No Mercy’ on 9th October 2016.

According to the close sources of WWE, it is believed that the contract of Dolph is just about to expire and even WWE is looking to move from him. There is a high possibility that WWE has roles for Dolph for behind the scenes.

Even, there were rumors that the Smackdown of 4th October was the last WWE match for Dolph. But, Dolph took his Tweeter handle to clear this, and he tweeted:


Meanwhile, the “Showoff” has advertised for the WWE live events of 11 October,, 15th and 16th October. But, there are no reports of him advertising for the live event of 18th October. Will the event of 15th October of WWE will be last for Dolph? Well, this will only be answered after the live event of 15 October, 2016.