WWE Rumours: Vince McMahon was responsible for booking this week’s Monday Night Raw

The WWE has made his habit of being in the spotlight for a long period of time. Recently, Road Warrior Animal accused Saha Bank and created a controversy.


Meanwhile, fans have witnessed the hot shot and an action packed episode of WWE Raw. But, the hot gossip was that who was the mastermind behind that hot case episode and also, fans were scratching their hand as they were really curious to know the name of the mastering behind that episode of RAW.

Now, it I revealed that WWE CEO Vince McMahon the mastermind responsible for setting Monday’s amazing events. He was the true brains behind Monday’s episode.

Prior to this reports, allegations were made that Executive Vice President for Creative and Events, Triple H. Although, Fans believed that but there was still the doubt in the minds of the fan about this.

The many minds of people think that having Finn Balor go clean over Roman Reigns and book a berth opposite Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

And also Charlotte was beaten by the Sasha Bank for the WWE Women’s Title smacked of Triple H pulling the strings behind the scenes.

It clearly shows that no one can separate the Vince McMahon from RAW and SMACKDOWN events. He has always been the mastermind in enhancing the popularity in recent past years, but fans were really worried about the show when he announces that his sons will operate Smackdown and RAW.

But after the last episode of WWE RAW, fans are forced to believe that their favourite Vince McMahon will keep his eyes on these WWE events.