WWE SmackDown 2017 Hd Video YouTube Highlights Result Winners 14th March

WWE SmackDown 2017 Hd Video YouTube Highlights Result 14th March Winner :- WWE Smackdown went very good for the fans this week at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where show much action happened. People came out to watch this wrestling match big numbers because it’s big night for the fans as well as for the players. The show started off with AJ Styles confronting Daniel Bryan backstage with a video coverage and that became so much exciting.

Also, Styles threaten to smack Daniel Bryan and he asked very aggressive Styles to calm down at the backstage. Even, Bryan told Styles that Shane wasn’t there so Styles headed out to address the WWE Universe and whole crowd. Well, that’s the amazing start of the night which is quite good. When Style reaches to the stage everybody is shouting his name loudly and chanting for him.

AJ who asked for a title match with Daniel Bryan and got it said that he had to “jump through hoops like a circus monkey” with that statement he got the nerve of public and they all started chanting for him loudly. AK also said “That he didn’t get the opportunity of a one-on-one match since the fight with John Cena and that’s why he is angry.

Night became wilder when Natalya faced Becky for the one-on-one fight. As you all know that last week Natalya turned on Becky when they were a tag team. After that fight, Miz took the stage and introduced himself and Maryse. Also, he showed the footage of previous week and said that “John Cena is fake and even Maryse added that she and Nikki were best friends till Nikki stabbed her in the back. In the end, another match was announced between The Miz and Maryse vs John Cena and Nikki Bella.

AJ Styles and Shane McMahon backstage fight where AJ took Shane’s head and smash it to the car window. After that fight, Shane McMahon gets decimated because of injuries and AK got fired from the game. Also, after that Randy Orton came along to the stage and told a lot about Viper.

In the end, American Alpha had the last match with The Usos and that’s so exciting. Well, you can watch the whole match online here and other Internet sources.