WWII Plane Crash: Modi Govt. allows the U.S to take back remains of World WarII soldiers

WWII Plane Crash: Modi Govt. allows the U.S to take back remains of World WarII soldiers New Delhi: Once rejected by the UPA government, now Modi govt. allows the U.S to tack back remains of soldiers dies in a plane crash in Arunachal Pradesh during the World War II. It would be an emotional appeal for the families who lost their family members and friends.

For doing so, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited India for a repatriation ceremony of US World War II remains from India to the United States.

WWII Plane Crash

The excavated remains of plane and soldiers of the US Air Force B-24 bomber that was crashed in present day Arunachal Pradesh were sent to the US on Wednesday.

Carter expressed his obligation to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Indian government for their support in facilitating the recovery effort on Tuesday.

“The Indian government agreed to support America’s commitment to bringing its fallen personnel home and providing their families the fullest possible accounting, and looks forward to further humanitarian missions of this kind over the next few years to return the remains of these US heroes to their families,” a joint statement issued here said on Tuesday.

The repatriation issue was raised earlier in joint statement issued last year after the visit US President Barack Obama to India.

The US seeks to recover the American aircrew who died in crashes while flying for the resupply missions between Assam and Kunming in China during the war.

While ones, the UPA government had stopped the recovery of remains due to the protest by China, which claims Arunachal Pradesh to be its territory, the Narendra Modi government gave Americans fresh permission.