X Health Hazards That May Hamper Your Employees’ Productivity

As an employer, you do everything that it takes to enhance employee’s productivity. However, sometimes, certain things happening at your workplace hinders the overall productivity. Along with the employees’ skillset, workplace safety plays a vital role. It is because a healthier employee is more productive than an unhealthy one.

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According to Ministry of Labor and Employment, the government of India is committed to regulate all economic-related activities for the management of safety and health risks at workplaces and to provide measures to ensure employees safety in our country.

As an employer, you need to identify, monitor and reduce workplace hazards within office premises to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment. However, another critical aspect of ensuring your employees’ safety is to provide them with group Mediclaim policy.

Here are some of the most common workplace hazards you should know about:

Physical Hazards

A physical hazard is the most common workplace hazards. They include unsafe conditions that can cause illness, injury or death in some severe cases to the employees. Given below are some of the physical hazards that you should look after:

  • Fault in wiring or improper electrical connections that can cause electrocution
  • Poor cleanliness and lack of hygiene
  • Cords or spills on the floor can cause tripping
  • Non-cleaning of ducts or weak ventilation system which can cause suffocation
  • Damp corners
  • Ill-maintained washrooms

You should look after these physical hazards and work on preventing their occurrence.

Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards arise when employees encounter discomfort with the usage of office tools such as desks or office chairs.

Some employees almost spend one-third of their work-life by just sitting in front of a computer, which can cause many health-related problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, spondylitis, neck and shoulder pain and poor body posture.

To overcome this problem, you should hire an ergonomic expert; with the help of his/her proper guidance, you can minimise the discomfort. It will result in boosting your employee’s morale and productivity.

Chemical Hazards

Contact with dangerous chemical substances and gases such as pesticides, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, and methane can cause significant health-related issues. If you own a petrol pump, chemical industry or chemical laboratory, then your employees might have to deal with such substances as part of their job.

Even if there is no direct contact, the bare presence of these toxic chemicals and gases within the office surrounding can constitute a health hazard. So, make sure you keep the chemical substances used at your workplace away from the workers’ reach.

Biological Hazards

Presence of infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria in an unclean office space can prove fatal or can cause severe damage to your employee’s health. For instance, bacteria present in the air are responsible for pneumonia, tuberculosis, cholera and typhoid.

As an employer, make sure you get your workplace cleaned professionally from time to time.

Mental Hazards

Mental hazard is one of the most dangerous hazards presents in workplaces. It is caused when your employees start taking too much stress about work. Constant stress and pressure can take a heavy toll on the health of employees. Depression, high levels of stress, mental fatigue, burnout a sense of reduced well-being are common causes that lead to reduced productivity of employees.

With a flexible work-life balance, it is possible to overcome these hazards.

Group Mediclaim To Ensure Good Health of Your Employees

A happy and satisfying work environment can increase the productivity of all your employees. To ensure good health of all your employees, you need to work on preventing these health hazards. Also, it is advisable to buy group Mediclaim policy for your employees which will cover them if they are affected by these health hazards.

You can get quotes for group Mediclaim insurance policy from various companies with the help of a reputable insurance broker such as SecureNow to counter your workplace hazards and improve the productivity of your employees.