X-Men Fame Actor Evan Peter Return To ‘American Horror Story’

X-Men Fame Actor Evan Peter Return To ‘American Horror Story’ :- There X-men fame actor, Evan Peters aka Quicksilver has made the headline for his return to the American Horror Story. The AHM has been known for only death and Evan Peters as these two things are only certain in this horror drama series.


The return of Evan Peter has been made on the viewers demand especially after the four weeks of hashtags #whereEvanPeters#. The maker of the AHM finally disclosed the Evan Peters ace in the fifth chapter.

The opening scene of the American Horror Movie, Peters was revealed as the Edward Philip Mott who is the great great great great great great great great great ancestor of the Dandy Mott.


Meanwhile, the Edward Philip has built a land on the haunted place, and he has the colonial wig and overwrought speech. The people hated him, and this forced him to build the home in rural North Carolina. He used to dominate and terrorize his servants and is hated by most of them.

Although, the devil mind has a soft corner which he occasionally shows to his black male lover, Guinness. The few days after the spirits started trouble Edward and had broken his painting, but Edward was completely unaware of all this. He blamed his servant for all this and even punish him.

Well, Evan Peters has made a habit of entertaining his fans with his epic roles and we have now clue whether he will feature in the six chapter of American Horror Story or not. Meanwhile, one can enjoy his potential role in the fifth chapter of the show.