Xbox Live Server Problems, hit with Xbox One 0x87dd0006 error

Xbox Live Server Problems, hit with Xbox One 0x87dd0006 error: Microsoft has now finally confirmed that they are looking into tonight’s Xbox Live server issues, with reports of sign in problems affecting Xbox One as well as additional platforms.

The latest support message from Microsoft reads, “Our engineers and developers are actively continuing to work to resolve the issue causing some members to have problems signing in to Xbox Live. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience,”

The various issues comprise of Signing in; creating, managing, or recovering an account; search on Xbox One, Xbox 360 as well as the Windows 10 platform.

Earlier it was reported that Xbox Live is currently down for a lot of console users tonight, who are reporting trouble using core online features.

Error reports were first started coming in around 5 am in the UK and at that time it seems to be connected with signing in to the Xbox Live service page.

One of the affected users writes, “Nope, it’s still not up. It let me sign in at first, then wouldn’t let me into an EA game. Now I can’t sign into my Xbox Live,”

An another also wrote by adding, “Fort Worth TX is a no go. I just wanted to play a couple of games of NHL tonight before I have surgery in the morning, but I guess not.”

Microsoft has not updated its Server Status page so far, which makes it more difficult to work out what exactly is going on.

On the other hand, if tonight’s Xbox Live server outage carries on, then you can expect an update from the Microsoft support team soon.

Xbox Live users are reporting several issues while signing in and playing games, while on the other hand some of them also seeing an 0x87dd0006 error.

It is still not clear that at this time how long tonight’s outage is going to be last and how far-off it has spread.

Well, based on the number of error reports, it is quite safe to accept that these Xbox One problems are affecting gamers worldwide.

The additional news is anticipated from Microsoft if tonight’s outage carries on for a long-lasting period.

While apart from Xbox Live, there is also additional game as well as service that seems to have been affected and from those the major one is PUBG, which has also seen a spike in error message tonight.

This seems to be like possibly associated to the on-going Xbox Live server outage.