Xiaomi 100MP Ultra-Clear Camera Phone Launch Date, Price in India, Specifications & Features

Xiaomi 100MP Ultra-Clear Camera Phone Launch Date, Price in India, Specifications & Features: Just after unveiling 64-megapixel camera technology for smartphones, Xiaomi is now going to launch 100-megapixel camera flagship smartphone. The company VP Manu Kumar Jain confirmed the report on Wednesday by saying, “Yes, we’ve been working on 100MP camera flagship phone! Beginning of 2019, we launched 48MP, & today all flagships use it. We’ll soon disrupt the market again with 64MP camera,”

Xiaomi 100MP Ultra-Clear Camera

The 100-megapixel camera phones, 108-megapixel to be more specific, is going to deliver 12032 x 9024 pixels resolution images, generally accessible from digital cameras. Xiaomi has also said taht it is going to carry on the partnership for the next 100-megapixel sensor.

Xiaomi in a blog post stated, “Photographers can not only take more detailed photos, but also make better use of their imagination and creativity with this sensor. The 100MP ultra high-resolution camera sensor even maintains a high-quality picture of 27MP in 2x zoom – more than doubling the pixels of a standard 12MP telephoto camera,”

Xiaomi 100MP Ultra-Clear Camera Phone Specification

The declaration of this news comes just after Xiaomi and Samsung announced that they are going to use 64-megapixel camera technology for their smartphones. Xiaomi’s 64-megapixel camera phone based on Samsung’s ISOCELL GW1 sensor, is going to deliver brighter images in low-light conditions along with richer details in brighter settings.

Both the sensors, 64MP as well as 100MP, is going to mark an extraordinary discovery in the industry and rivals are soon going to pick up the trend. But Xiaomi calling dibs on the technology says a lot about the brand as well as its keenness to flourish and race past its rivals.

Xiaomi 100MP Ultra-Clear Camera Phone Price

However, even after being mentioned by the company it in a Weibo post on Tuesday, Xiaomi’s 100MP camera phone is a mystery. On the other hand, the company shared various details regarding the 64MP smartphone camera technology, which is going to be used in a smartphone coming later this year.

As per to the reports, Xiaomi is going to introduce 64-megapixel camera on its upcoming Redmi Note 8 smartphone.

Taking Xiaomi aside for a moment, Realme is also working on a 64-megapixel rear camera. Realme is planning to present its 64-megapixel quad-camera setup in India today. As per to the reports, Realme 5 is going to be among the first to sport 64-megapixel camera.

Xiaomi also further added, “With the pixel-merging Tetracell technology, GW1 also delivers bright 16MP images under low-light conditions. Even when the print resolution is 72dpi, it is able to print a large, high quality poster up to 3.26 meters in height. The 1/1.7-inch image sensor is one of the largest so far on the market, ringing in 34% larger than the standard 48MP smartphone cameras seen on typical flagship devices,”