Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Not many of us know, but xiaomi has come up with unique speakers that will remind you of your childhood, we are talking about Xiaomi Mi Rabbit. It is nothing but speakers encased in the body of a cute little rabbit. It is available online at the price of INR 1830.76 on banggood. Banggood is an online website which is known for delivering quality products at highly affordable prices. Apart from that, Banggood is offering laudable offers. We are mentioning below the link through which one can reach the website and can look for the product: Red and pink color



It boasts a cute toy design and is available in white, red color which makes it quite an appealing choice for the kids. There are six buttons present on the pouch- fast forward, to insert a memory card, to increase volume, to decrease volume and a button for Bluetooth.  Apart from that USB slot is made available on the left-hand side of the device. One can use it as the lamp as the antenna shaped ears are present on the top along with a star on the forehead that emanates blue color light. The memory card can be inserted through a slot provided below the left foot of the toy.

How to start:

One may find difficulty while starting this device. To start the speakers one has to long press the fast forward button.


It supports Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity and 32GB of MicroSD card slot. It may look small to you, but the sound can easily reach 3W and moreover the distortion is less than 1%, which makes the sound quite clear and noise free. It houses 650mah battery capacity, and it can be charged within 45 mins approximately. Moreover, the 650mAh battery delivers usage time up to 3h.

Key specs:

  • Buttons: fast forward, insert memory card, increase volume, decrease volume and Bluetooth
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and USB slot is available
  • Emanates light as well
  • 650mAh battery, claiming 3h of usage time
  • 3W of sound delivered with distortion less than 1%


It is a unique product, and at the price at which it is made available, it is worth a trial. It offers amazing sound quality and moreover its charming and adorable design makes it an eye candy for all. Apart from that, it supports all kinds of audio files, and with Bluetooth connectivity, one can easily connect their smart phones and listen to their playlist. Its small size makes it portable and easy to handle, one can carry it anywhere they want, whether car, rooms, college or schools.