Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Review: LED Smart TV For Rs 39,999 in 2018 – Complete Details

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Review: LED Smart TV For Rs 39,999 in 2018 – Complete Details: – This is as per our expectations and surprise which can be regarded as the Xiaomi that is all set to unveil at the MiTv 4 in India which is the price point of around Rs 39,999. We are now has been eagerly waiting for the launches of the Xiaomi that can be unveiled as their Mi TV in India for fairly some time, and the Chinese tech company can be seen their obliged for the same if any mistake occurs.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Review

The Xiaomi MiTV 4 is a 55-inch LED TV which is kind of the electronic item that promises to deliver features and performances as per the public’s own expectations of a budget TV and fans also going to want the same.

As of now, we are using the Mi TV 4 for a while now and ahead of this gadget can go on sale from this 22nd February 2018, on and Xiaomi’s online partners, actually keen to do the review of Xiaomi’s first TV offering in this country India.

Main features of Xiaomi Mi TV 4

The newly launched gadget Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is an LED smart TV which is measured at 55-inch. This is the only model of this company Xiaomi Mi which go on sale first by Xiaomi and hopefully this is all set to launches very soon.

As per expectation, this can be sure goes on sale from this February on online and expected to run out as fast as Xiaomi phones do every time they are launched in India. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 40-Inch Model with Voice Control

First look at the Mi TV 4 will be going to give you goosebumps; and the TV can also be nearly bezel-less and that too at a price point of around Rs 39,999. The Mi TV 4 is blessed with a frameless design and the top of this TV’s panel is just 4.9mm thin.

This TV’s patch wall designed UI so when the audiences will be watching the movie it will be really enjoyable.

This TV is also simple to operate as our smartphone and the main icons of the TV will be displayed on the screen as big and will guide public to choose the right option which audiences will be love to watch.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Features Details

This TV is the 55-inch panel is also capable of delivering a 4K HDR cinematic experience and audiences will be watching it as the Wonderwoman and screen of the TV is very equal to the theatres’.

Choosing titles is somehow very intuitive appear on the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 and the Amlogic 64-bit Quad-core processor powering it, really perform well.

The Mi TV 4 also arrives with the 2GB RAM and 8GB of inbuilt storage (Wait till we tell you why you need it). In order to maintain its connectivity, the Mi TV 4 arrives with 3 HDMI ports for your DTH box, a PlayStation that can be seen on the Laptop even if it’s required.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Features

There are also two USB ports on the Mi TV 4 that is the wireless connectivity of the TV said to be one of the best gadgets of the budget tvs in the whole country.

This is the main content of the Mi TV 4 that will provide public over 5 lakh hours of content and if you buy the same within four months post this TV will be launched then you’ll get a free subscription to Hungama and SonyLIV.

The TV set Xiaomi is also including the IR blaster adapter for early buyers which will help them to develop the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 to connect with your Set-Top Box that can help to resolve the one remote in order to help public or to develops their convenience. Xiaomi BlackShark Features

There is also a universal search on the MI TV 4 which will help the public to find content across all online that is known as the STB also.

One of the best features of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is the remote which is very attractive one. This is also one of the easiest remote which is something public or users will be like to customize.

The Mi TV 4’s remote is inspired by Apple TV’s remote which is made of with plastic but still performed up to the mark. The minimal button design makes it easy for the users to most intuitive remote that can be also come in the budget of this TV space but this is regarded as the Samsung’s or an LG TV’s remote also.

mi led tv 4

The picture quality on the MI TV 4 is also luminous and if you are into feature the contrasts then the true blacks are one of the finest on this TV which can be also comparable if not better to the big TV Company which includes, Samsung and LG in the TV space. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Features

Throwing light on the audio of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is that it is capable of the Dolby + DTS Cinema audio quality and the sound is bent free and the TV also provides several presets and the custom audio profiles is as per the user’s choices anyway.

This is the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 which is the Smart TV that one would like to own on this year because simply approximately price point of the TV is available with a company name as strong as Xioami that is very important feature currently for India.

What are not good features of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4?

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 does not arrive with the Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. So what you will be doing if you don’t want the only 3-month free subscription to SonyLIV and Hungama Play?

So then the one USB 3.0 port on the TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4 can arrive within the handy. Users shall now have to download an APK of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video App and install it on the MI TV via a USB drive that is where that 8GB inbuilt storage can arrive in the handy.

This can be the tedious task for a person who’s keen on buying a smart TV for Rs 39,999 and will have to let go of the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscription. SonyLIV and Hungama Play are not bad for streaming content, but this can be also good if the Netflix or Amazon Prime Video can already consist of any TV or especially, Xiaomi Mi TV 4.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 can be also using a Fire Stick or an Apple TV then the users will not be required to have a Netflix or an Amazon Prime inside the TV’s boundary or border.

In addition, it is an Android-based smart TV where people will be liked to see whether if they had given Google Play store inbuilt inside the MI TV 4 or not which is one of the important features of an expensive and stylish TV or on this mentioned TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4.