Yahoo Mail and Website Down Worldwide, Outage Impacts Users Worldwide

Yahoo Mail and Website Down Worldwide, Outage Impacts Users Worldwide :- The Yahoo! Website and Yahoo Mail was down across the globe causing frustrated users to take to social media to express concern. Yahoo mail, one of the most popular email services after Google’s Gmail, has been down since 12:08 pm Indian Standard Time (IST) on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

Yahoo Mail and Website Down Worldwide

Yahoo has also confirmed that it suffered an outage on Thursday across its services, including Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Customer Care said in a tweet, “You may not be able to access some of our services, including email. Our top priority right now is getting this fixed.”

However, the tweet did not specify the number of users affected by the outage or its cause. Meanwhile, Outage monitoring website Downdetector.com showed that more than four thousand users had been impacted.

While users across the globe were unable to access the services, the problem seems to be worst affecting the European region with places such as United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, and Greece, facing severe outages.

Fortunately, most of India seems to have escaped this outage with the exception of metro cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai. The outage has also affected services in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and also Western and Eastern Coasts of United States (USA) where cities like San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles are located.

Meanwhile, the reason for the outage is still not clear.

However, users of Yahoo mail rightly took to twitter to vent out their frustration. They responded to Yahoo’s tweet. One user commented, “Some of our services”? Your entire network is down. You are losing your customers money…including me. Unbelievable.”

Yahoo which used to be one of the leading tech companies in world has been facing stiff competition from Google and Facebook. Since the year 2017, a major share in the company is now owned by Verizon Communications Inc.