Yamini shouts to see Ritik! Naagin 7th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Yamini shouts to see Ritik! Naagin 7th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: In the last night episode of the supernatural come horror TV series “Naagin”, it has been showcased that finally, Shivanaaya coming with the Naag Maani as Shivanaaya managed to grasp the Naag Maani finally. In the next scene, Shivanaaya realised that Rithvik’s life is in risk so she decides to save Rithvik first. She prayed to the Lord Shiva, in order to protect Rithvik.

Yamini shouts to see Ritik! Naagin 7th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Yamini comes in the home and asked Shesha to search the Naag Maani as she is having doubt that the Naag Maani has been stolen. It was Yamini also managed to kill Rihvik but now she is looking forward to knows what she going to tell her younger children when they will be asking about Rithvik.

The other scene shows, when Shivanaaya saw that Rithvik became unconscious with the attack of the Yamini, now Shivanaaya take Rithivik to the Shiva Mandir and she prayed to lord Shiva for the life of the Rithvik.
Now Shivanaaya prayed to the god and repeatedly she had been seen saying, bring back my Rithvik and bring him back. And finally, Shivanaaya’s prayer works and Rithvik got conscious. Rithvik now opens his eyes and hugs Shivanaaya, when he got her in front of him.

Shivanaaya hugs him tight back and eventually, asked him, how he is. Rithvik said I am okay and now Shivanaaya asked to him, there is a suspense waiting for you. And Shivanaaya now makes Rithvik introduced with his real dad Sangram Singh. Now Rithvik embraced his real dad.

Next scene shows Sangram Singh narrates the story to the Yamini that she is a devil and she is always after the Naag Maani, for that even she killed Shivanaaya’s parents. And she also takes my child from me.

Now Shivanaaya says that now we need to go to the temple unless Shesha going to kill the Guru Dev as Sun is going to set now. And they all leave now to the Mandir in order to save Guru Dev. In the mean time, Shesha actually attacked Guru Dev as Guru Dev got to know her evil secret.

Now Shivanaaya comes and shocked to see that Shesha killed Guru Dev and Shivanaaya cries. She also promised that she will be going to kill Shesha as Shesha killed our Guru Dev who is like a father of us. Shivanaaya also confesses to the Rthvik that she is Naagin and Rithvik is shocked to know so. Rithvik says to Shesha, I a with you in your mission now.

Yamini and Shesha shocked to know that Shivanaaya managed to take the Naag Maani from her and Guru Maa also asked the same. Now Yamini comes here and shocked to see that Rithvik is there and now Yamini confessed her come and everybody shocked now.