Yamini stabs Ritik! Naagin 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” begins with Rithik reminding Shivanya of her promise that she will leave Rithik and his house if she loses her bet. But Rithik said that I don’t want her to leave house anyway. Now the Mayuri enters and starts her witty talks. Shivanya asks her to leave. Mayuri says she is leaving now, but will come back soon in order to snatch Rithik from her.

Yamini stabs Ritik! Naagin 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Shesha gives the real family picture of the Rithik with his family and Shivanaaya took this to show it to Rithik to bring his parents reality in front of his eyes. Somehow Shivanaaya keep the pictures for while as right now she needs to complete her household chores now.

Now Shesha arrived, there and smell peacock there and shocked to see that the peacock feather is there and she took this to Guru Dev and asked about it and the Guru Dev said about this that peacock is having more enmity, with snake even more than the mongoose and hawk is having with her.

So Shesha is now thinking about it how to get the Mor out from the Raheja house as she will be very dangerous to the Shivanaaya. Guru Dev said that the Mor will be coming in the rain season and we need to drive her out in that season literally.

Now the Mor is shocked to see that the Rithik’s family picture and handover it to Yamini and also reveal that Shivanaaya is going to reveal the same. So now Yamini did her emotional drama to the Shivanaaya and asked her that Rithik is her brother’s son and Ankush killed his brother, so Yamini is now married to Ankush in order to save Rithik’s life.

Also Yamini took promise to the Shivanaaya that you should never reveal to the Rithik, that I am not his mother as I won’t want to hurt him. Shivanaaya promised her and also said that very soon I am going to reveal that your brother is alive now. In the mean time, somehow Rithik scolded Shivanaaya and was thinking about it on the terrace.

Now he saw that the Mor is dancing on the rain and Rithik compliment her dance and Mor holds him and embrace and also try to kiss him, Shivanaaya also appear that time in the terrace and shocked to see Rithik proximity towards the Mor. Shivanaaya now after seeing that started crying and run towards her room, Rithik now follows her.

Now Shesha sees Mor on the terrace. And Shesha had a physical fighting with Mor. But the Mor finally injures Shesha and try to kill her but Shesha warns the Mor, that if she dare to kill Shesha, Shivanaaya will not spare her.

Precap: Yamini asks Mayuri why not she killed Shesha, when she was having opportunity to kill her; Mor said as right now she need to take the Naag Maani from the Nagin.