Yash sees arvind in car! Dehleez 20th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Yash sees arvind in car! Dehleez 20th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Suhasini alleges Haider to be a terrorist and shows the results of an internal inquiry conducted against Haider. She appeals the judge to give his decision. Swadheenta asks to be patient and asks Suhasini how she came to know about Allan’s statement. Suhasini says that Allan recognised Haider after listening to the news on TV. Then he gave his witness about Haider. Swadheenta asks the inspector that  What kind of amenities given to Allan in imprisonment. Swadheenta shows the phone bill used by Allan.

Dehleez Episode Written Update

Dehleez Episode Written Update

Dehleez Episode Written Update

Also showed the video that reveals the phone and Laptop provided him. Suhasini objects that. Swadheenta explains the reason and tells that Rs. 400 crores were missing from his account and this amount was transferred to the minister and Manohar’s international account.

Suhasini asks the judge to give her time for searching evidence in order to rescue accused Manohar and the minister. The judge says that if she failed to prove them innocent then the court will commence a committee to find the truth.

Suhasini says that Arvind will reveal the truth now. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to shift somewhere else, she replies she has already done that and she will come back when she will prove them innocent.

Suhasini calls Yash and asks him to find Arvind, He agrees. The inspector orders to search Arvind. Jaya is angry to drag Manohar’s name in the court. Adarsh is angry too.

Arvind got to know that Suhasini asked to search him via News. He asks someone to arrange his escape plan as soon as possible.

Swadheenta asks the inspector about Arvind’s search action. The police force asks Swadheenta to find some clue against him.


Swadheenta shows the photo of Arvind and inspector matches the sketch with it. They catch Arvind, Yash matches his face with sketch.