YAY! ‘Shaktimaan’ is BACK With New Season Will Show The Origin Of SUPERHERO!

YAY! ‘Shaktimaan’ is BACK With New Season Will Show The Origin Of SUPERHERO! The Indian most popular superhero Shaktimaan are back with the boom, according to the report’s where the most popular superhero in 90’s are back with the new episode’s and show’s how to earned the supernatural powers and become the Shaktimaan.

YAY! ‘Shaktimaan’ is BACK with a new season; New season will show the origin of the SUPERHERO!


Also confirmed that Shankimaan character is acted by the Real Shaktimaan “Mukesh khana”, where the “Mukesh khana” was the first Indian television supernatural power hero with the name of Shaktimaan and in the late 90’s every child are so much crazy about the Shaktimaan and also every generation are waiting for the sakrimaan .

Shaktimaan Is Back

Mukesh khana was playing the dual role Shaktimaan also ” Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri”, Who’s a news editor and there are some other unique characters are like Geeta Vishwas, Tamraj Kilvish and Dr. Jaikal.

From the sorce’s , the 58-year-old Mukesh khana is sure to talk about the DD national channel for releasing the Shaktimaan and also talk with the color and sony for releasing Shaktimaan, on the DD national the show are coming at 6;30pm.

But the serial makers are confirmed the news for the Shaktimaan , where they will be started the serial with the childhood of the Shaktimaan, where to describe the detailed of the Shaktimaan where he earns the supernatural powers which were the given by the seven guru’s and it’s a scripting seating of the new session of the Shaktimaan.

Shaktimaan is the highly rating tv serial in 90’s and where it was made with the lot’s of Striving and honesty and at the time there are children goes lost within superpower , So it’s a right time to release the Shaktimaan to motivate children’s. Just wait for a little bit more time and Shaktimaan will come.