Goons Killed Mihir! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabatein 4th September 2016 Written Updates

Goons Killed Mihir! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabatein 4th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Raman telling Ishita that he is happy that Pihu has accepted her. Raman says we are succeding in our plan and I am sure she will exceot you. Ishita shows her concern whether Shagun will let it happen or not.


Yeh Hai Mohabatein 4th September 2016 Written Updates

Shagun was consoling Pihu and she told her that if she would have participated then they may have won this competition. Shagun blames Ishita for this. Adi and Ruhi was listening to this and they interupted Shagun. Adi asked Pihu to come with him. They leaves and Ruhi scolded Shagun for misleading Pihu. Shagun say I am your mom, don’t talk to me like this way. Ruhi tell Shagun ” Ishimaa is my real mom and she gave my all mother love.” Shagun leaves from there.

On the other side, Raman was bleaming himself for not doing anything good. He says I have destroyed all this. Ishita asked him to calm down as only two of his fingers get burned and rest hand is safe. A lady came there and asked Raman to resume competition if he is fine.

Mihika recalls Romi’s word and decided to call Sanchi. She called Sanchi and scolded for being in an extra marital affair with Romi. Sanchi says this is not like this and Romi came there and had taken the phone from Mihika. They both argues and Sanchi cries listening to them and think this is happening because of him.

Raman resumed the comeption and everyone claps for him for showing the courage. Pihu asked Raman will he copntinue? Raman says Yes. Menahwile, one of the lady finger gets cut and she asked Ishita to replace as this will help her to help Raman. Ishita take blessing from Mrs. Bhalla and participate in the tournament. Shagun thinks whats happening.

On the other side, Sanchi asked Romi to make Mihika understand everything. Romi says she will not understand. Mihika saw them talking and decided to leave the house. Mr. Bhalla came there and asked Mihika where she is going? Mihika says she is going to Amma’s house. Romi asked Mihikia to stop but she goes.

In the next scene at comeptition, Raman cooks food and Ishita helps him by giving him signals to do everthing. Meanwhile, Mihir and Aaliyah were in car. Mihir appreciated Aaliyah for her brilliant work. Their car get punchured and Mihir asked Aaliyah to stay in car and he will change the tyre. Some goon came there and stabs Mihir with Knife. Aaliyah hit the goon with stone. She checks out Mihir and found him bleeding.

Judges announces the result as Mrs. Babita, Mrs. Preeti and Mrs. Shilpa were declared the winners. Raman and Pihu get sad. Shagun smiles and think now Pihu will agree that I should have participated in this comeptition. But, Judges announces that they will special price to Raman and Pihu for showing their courage. Everyone became happy and Shagun think how this happens?


In the upcoming episode, Aaliyah will call Ishita and will tell her about Mihir’s condition. She will ask Ishita to come there to help her.