YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2016 Written Updates Ishita gets Headache!

YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Ishita gets Headache! : The last night episode of the TV series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins within Mani’s house; Shobhana serves breakfast to Adi, Aliya, and Mani. And Shobhna also serves the chicken to Adi and Adi feels happy. He was about to touches the food but Aliya signs him not to touch the food.


Adi also remembers that Ishita asked to him that he should not eat nonvegetarian food in front of the Iyer as Iyer are the pure vegetarians’ and they do not like to see the nonvegetable food. So Adi did something which actually impresses Shobhna and he eats the soya instead of chicken.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2016 Written Updates

There, in the RTO office Pihu, Raman, and Ishita are present in front of the Senior Inspector. Pihu denies coming with Raman and Ishita as she is angry on Ishita. In fact, she said to the RTO officer that Raman is not her dad. Raman and Ishita look helpless yet they are tensed for Pihu.

Pihu calls Ishita so many time but Ishita did not revert to her. Ananya somehow calls Pihu thanks fully and Pihu asked to Simmi that she should take her from the RTO office. Adi and Shobhna now developed a good bonding as Adi clears the table with Shobhna and he also washes the utensils with Aliya.

Mani asked to Shobhna that why she is doing this as he thinks that Adi is a fraud and he is doing these all only to impress her. But Shobhna asked to him that she is having better knowledge of the people which Mani is having so she asked Mani to stay out of it.

Pihunow looks upset in the RTO office and Ishita asked Simmi to take Pihu with her to the Bhalla house. Raman looks shattered to feel that Shagun is unable to take proper care of Pihu. Ishita consoles him.

Shagun yells at the RTO officers that how she can let Pihu go with the Bhallas and she also create scene in the Bhalla house by saying that why they take Pihu with them. Raman asked to Shagun that she teaches Pihu everything wrong to do.