Epic Twist! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Updates

Epic Twist! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Romi calling his Gf Sanchita and asked to meet her. Sanchita denies it but later agrees to meet him. Mihika listens to all this and acted like she is sleeping.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Updates

On the other side, Ishita was saying Raman that maths is too difficult for children, how they will learn this. Raman says I will teach her and it will easy for them. Then, Raman and Ishita chats comically, Raman says have you filled the form? Ishita replied yes, Ramna checks it and asked what you have you filled in your Marital status ? Are you single? Ishita says if a couple remains separated for 7 years, they each individual become single. Raman says you will become single when I will die. Ishita stops him and then, they share good times.

Adi goes to the office and shows his presentation. Aaliyah says its nice. Then, Aaliyah says I accepted a challenge from a friend, so I am listening old Hindi songs. Adi helped her in finding old song and Aaliyah kisses on her cheek. Adi smiles.

Later, Mihir introduces to the client and informed them that these both have prepared the presentation. Adi and Aaliyah smiles and Adi again lift his cheek and want Aaliyah to kiss to it. Alliyah appreciated Adi’s suit and Adi say I borrowed from Dad and I think now, I will borrow from my Dad.

Mihika meet Sanchita and shared her problems. Sanchita motivated her and asked her to fight for her right. Mihika agrees and says now she will fight for her rights.

On the other side, Raman and Ishita went for admission. The official person of the school asked them to bring their children. But Ishita explained to them that she want admission in school. School official agrees to it and says there is no age of learning.

Meanwhile, Alliya reached Mihir’s house and told about her old song collection. They, both share a comical scene and laughs.

Shagun meets lawyer along with Ashok. Ashok asked her to use emotional drama to secure the sympathy of Adi, Ruhi, and Pihu to plot another problem for Raman and Ishita.


In the upcoming episode, a man asks is everything done. She says homework is not done. Raman says it’s again method maths. She says I will explain you, you explain Pihu. He says it’s good you are here to explain me, I will read your business management details and explain you. She smiles.