Student rag ishita! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2016 Written Updates

Student rag ishita! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Raman complaining about a backache. Then, he salutes all the women’s in the world and asked Ishita what she is doing? Ishita replied studies. Raman asked is Pihu’s homework is done? Ishita says no, it’s in math methods. Ishita says I will explain to you later. Raman says I will explain you business management.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2016 Written Updates

Ishita went to make coffee and sees Mihika waiting for Romi. She asked Mihika is anything fine. Mihika told her that Romi is always coming late. Ishita asked her to let him and Raman know everything. Mihika says my friend told me the same thing. Ishita asked her to not believe any stranger.

Then, Ishita made coffee and went to her room and sees Raman sleeping. She took the book from Raman’s hand but Raman holds her hand and pulls her. “Ye Hai Mohabatein” track plays.

Next morning, Raman was pressing Pihu’s school dress. He was also talking to Ishita and asked her to not wear Saree as another student will laugh on her. Ishita sys it’s not a problem. Ishita kisses on Raman’s cheeks. Raman sees Pihu’s dress was burned out.

Pihu asked why you burned my school dress. He told her that he will manage it and will talk to your Principal. Principals hear all this and scold Raman for his careless. But, Mr. Bhalla and Appa came there and gave Pihu a dress. Raman thanked Appa and Mr. Bhll for saving her from principal’s scolding.

Pihu sees Shagun in front of her house. Shagun remembers Ashoka’s word and started acting in front of Ruhi. She told Ruhi that Ishita has created a difference between me and Pihu. I have right on Pihu, as I handled her for 7 years.

Ruhi says you are right and took her to her house. Ruhi told Ishita that I brought Shagun to make her meet with Pihu. Ruhi also told Ishita that you created a difference between Shagun and Pihu. Pihu must return to Shagun.

Ishita was shocked. Shagun gets glad. Then, Shagun told Shagun that Ishitamaa did this and but you kidnapped Ishimaa and also tried to kill her. You also provoked Pihu to go alone  to Mani uncle’s home and you never cared about Pihu. Everyone get shocked including Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla, and Simmi.


In the upcoming episode, Students rag Ishita, while she is happily doing the task. Raman hopes Ishita did not do anything and get shocked seeing Ishita. He gets angry and asks who is troubling my wife, how dare you, she is a doctor and more qualified that you all.