Raman & Ruhi get shocked! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Raman & Ruhi get shocked! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2016 Written Updates Episode:-The show starts with Ishita, Raman, and other Bhalla came to a police station, and Abhishek told them that Adi wants to say something. Adi says the man who put acid on Aaliyah is me.


Everyone get shocked after listening to this. Ruhi went to Singhal’s house as Ruhaan and think she will win the heart of Kanika and will convince the signal family to stop troubling Mom and Dad. Kanika’s mother came out with Kanika and Ruhi was shocked to see that Kanika was in a wheel chair.

Ishita asked Adi why he is lying? Adi says I am not lying as I am the real culprit. Mani came there with Aaliyah and started beating Adi. Aaliyah and Ishita stopped Mani and asked him to stop beating him.

Abhishek stopped Mani and told Ishita that we have to arrest Adi because he has confessed his crime. Police arrest Adi and Ishita cries. Raman shouted and asked Ishita to stop because Adi is criminal. Ishita says Adi cannot do this. Raman and Ishita cries.

On the other side, Ruhaan meets Kanika and says I am sorry I came late, but I will make you happy. Kanika did not reply, and her mother told Ruhaan that Kanika lost her leg in the accident, but she smiles every time she listens to your song. She asked Ruhaan to make her daughter smile.

Aaliyah asked Adi to tells the truth. Mani asked Aaliyah why you are taking his side as he attacked you and you would have killed? Aaliyah sys I am not dead. Shagun came there and blamed Raman for this and says Adi has done terribly wrong. Adi shouts. Aaliyah, Mani and Shagun leaves.

Ishita cries and Raman told Adi that you would stay here in jail. Raman takes Ishita with him. Adi cries. Ishita talked to Aaliyah and asked did Adi told you anything? Aaliyah says Adi went for physiotherapy and after that Mani called me and informed me that Adi confessed that he throw the acid on me. Aaliyah leaves and Ishita thinks Adi is not the culprit, maybe he is trying to save someone.

Ruhaan sings songs for Kanika. Kanika’s father came there and told Ruhaan that all this would not affect her. Ruhaan hair falls, and his identity gets revealed. Ruhi says I just came to bring a smile on your daughter’s face.

Adi cries and says I cannot let this happen. He recalls Ruhaan and says if anyone comes to know this, then our family will get shattered.


Abhishek says Ishita has done some serious crime, and he will put Ishita in Jail. Raman will ask what is going on? Abhishek will say I have arrested Ishita. Raman and Ruhi get shockd.