#YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2016 Full Episode Written Updates! Raman Gifts Ishita

#YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2016 Full Episode Written Updates! Raman Gifts Ishita :- The TV series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein last night episode begins with Raman and Ishita perform Grahpravesh ritual to enter the newlywed couple. Bala and others have decorated Raman and Ishita’s room for their first night. Adi tries to pull Raman’s leg but Madhavi asked the family to leave Raman and Ishita now.


Raman and Ishita wish to win the Pihu’s custody case. Romi gifted a new phone to Mihika. In the Diwali celebration, Amma makes both Raman and Adi to Ubtan ritual which is a South Indian ritual to perform in the Diwali.

In Mani’s house, Shobhna asks Mani to perform the ritual. She says that she is sorry for Mani as right now he is stuck with a wrong woman as Shobhna consider that Shagun is not good enough to be Mani’s wife while Shagun hears this and she humiliated Shobhna badly for that and Shagun also asked Shobhna to leave her house right now.

Shobhana feels humiliations now and she decides to leave the house. She says to Shagun that she will come back at the time of Adi and Aaliya’s marriage. Mani is disappointed with Shagun now as because of her it is Shobhna leave the house.

Mihika gets a new phone and a sim card to get spare from the blackmailer’s call but still the blackmailers call her. Mihika panics and she worries that blackmailer has all the information about her and now she is totally trapped. Ishita suggests Mihika share everything with Romi but Mihika thinks it’s too late now nothing can be done.

Mihika is very worried now as the blackmailer asked to her that very soon he will be reveal the truth to Romi that she spends night with Mihir in hotel and her Yarana with him is the older one.

Precap: Raman gifts Ishita and says you are never satisfied. Ishita says you get angry always, this is worth 1.5 lakhs, and your love is priceless for me. Raman looks on Ishita with full love and romantic eyes.