Ishita Meets Abhishek! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2016 Written Updates

Ishita Meets Abhishek! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Adi says to Amma that he want to speak with dad to see that Raman is here and when Amma sees Raman she just change the topic.

Ishita Meets Abhishek

Raman asked Adi about girls and also said that he need to take protection as Adi is a young guy. Adi is shocked and feeling shy that he wanted to speak with Raman about his love and girlfriend and Raman is already aware of it.

He then told Raman that he knew everything as he was not a kid, he was 21 years old. Raman asked him if he had a GF. Adi denied and Raman also asked him to make girlfriend make sure she should not be a Madrasan. Adi smiled inside as she is Madrasan only.

Ishita discusses with Vandu that whether she is doing right by marrying Raman as she is worried how Pihu is going to take it to know from Vandu that she have to think about Adi and Raman too. Ishita asked Raman that she only marrying Raman as Mrs. Bhalla and Amma wishes so.

Adi meet with Alia where Alia asked Adi that she is being upset as now Sahgun will be coming in place of Ishita and she always believed Ishita as her mother. Adi asked to her that you can take time and gradually everything will be fine.

Adi shares this same story with Ishita and Ishita feels bad for Alia. Anyway, Ishita just hopes that everything will be fine. She sees Pihu who is excited for Raman and Ishita’s wedding and Ruhi also spent some quality time with her. Ishita smiles on seeing Pihu and Ruhi’s happiness.

She also thinks that now Adi and Ruhi will be happy on their life as they are going to have their Ishi Maa back. Ishita smiles on seeing them together.