Raman Wonders! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2016 Written Updates

Raman Wonders! YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Pihu asked Raman that she will not come back to him as he is with Ishita aunty whom she just hates. Somehow conflict between Raman and Mani increases in the ultimate level as Mani asked to her whatever happened with his daughter Alia Raman will not understand unless the same will with his daughter Ruhi.


On hearing so Raman became tensed and he asked Mani that anything will be happening with his daughter then he will be killing Mani. Ishita tries to hold Raman but Raman looks so worried to break the glasses on his hands.
Raman threatens Mani Raman gets drunk and threatens Mani over the phone. Aditya prevents Mani from seeing him with Alia. Pihu misunderstands Raman, thinking that he does not like her. Seeing Raman’s condition, Ishita comes up with a plan to meet Pihu in her school.

Alia feels love for Aditya on the other hand when Aditya asked to her that he is in worried till now Alia did not reached to the house. Alia teases him by saying Aditya you are a mad and Aditya asked to her that yes, I am mad only for you.

Raman is now only consuming drink for the anger he is having for Mani, Ishita tries to stop him but Raman did not listen to her and then the women of the Bhalla family catches pranks with him by saying that they will be also consuming alcohol now.

Raman tries to stop them but eventually he goes to his room out of anger where he sleep and then Ishita asked to him that she will be surely sort out the issue of the Bhalla house and the conflict between Raman and Mani. Shagun is smirks to see that Raman and Mani are having conflict.

Precap: Ladies of the Bhalla family are having a surprise plan to cheer up Raman and Raman is not aware of it but he is sceptical to see the family.