Akshara is scared! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Akshara is scared! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- Now the TV series Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is yet to show that Naira to spy on Karthik and Naman seeks Naira’s help to rescue Naitik. Later, Akshara asks Naman to spend some time with Mishti and Karishma, while Naira decides to spy on Karthik.


The episode further shows that Kaki asked to Chothi that she have no right to take any decision regarding Nannu and Kaki also said this is her final words to her. Akshara is sitting with KArishma and tries to know from her why she is worried but on that time Bhabhi Maa and Mummy Jee arrives to have some friendly time with each other.

Naman is in the evil plan against Singhania but Naira is sceptical of Karthik that she thinks Karthik is actually planning something against her Papa and she thinks to seek help from Naman sort out the issue. Naman also thinks that it would be fine for him if he put the entire allegations on Karthik to make him spare from it.

Naira is somehow annoyed with Karthik and when Gayu called her that she is keen to have help from Karthik, Naira asked to her that she should not stay dependent on Karthik instead in the office she can take help from Mamma.
Gayu asked to Naira that you should not be angry on Karthik as he did a lot for this Singhania family and Naira asked Gayu that she is not angry with him.

Akshara also asked to Naman that now Naman should take some rest as she will be doing the works. Akshara thinks that Naman worked hard in abroad so now he can take rest, Naman also thinks that I can bear this Akshara and Singhania family now as my mission is yet to complete.

Actually Akshara is also doing spying on Naman as she is sceptical of him but nobody is aware of it. Akshara also thinks that she can’t put any allegations on Naman on the basis of only her doubt, first she need to collects proves of the same.

Karthik is happy now as he received someone’s report which is too positive and he thinks to share the same with his family. Naira is keep spying on Karthik without letting him know and Karthik is keep dreaming of Naira.

Precap: Akshara call to Naitik that she is tensed for him. Naitik said nothing will happen to him; he is okay to see a masked man with a gun arrives in front of Naitik.

Naitik asked him who are you and his phone with Akshara cut. Akshara looks tensed.