Kartik thanks Naira! YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kartik thanks Naira! YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with the comical interaction between Naira and Kartik. Naira asked Kartik her welfare and Kartik says Shayari. Kartik pings up flag badge to his shirt and he gets hurt. Then, he teases Naira. Naira asked him to stop, but Kartik continuously teases her and finally they both argues.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Updates

Everyone celebrates Independence day. Naira gives gifts to everyone. Naksh announces that elders and kids can get free food at his Krishna. Naira tells everyone that Natik asked us to celebrate function inside as if the rain will come then everything will get spoiled.

Everyone praises Naira’s decoration. Mishti says Kartik also help. Raajshri says Kartik is always available fro help. Karishma receives a call and she asked Naira that her friend’s child has fallen from the stairs and she has to go there to give him blood. She also asked Naira to not tell anyone about this as they will not allow her to go alone. Naira says I will manage everything.

Devyaani sings vaande Matraaam. Naira messages Kartik and Kartik informs Natik . Then, Naira asked Katrik for her help. Katrik says I cannot do it. Kartik says No. But Naira asked him to play the role of Karishma and he agress.

Then, he wore the dress and think nothing can happen to him and Naira. Vishambher sings Meera Desh Ki Dharti song. Rama asked Gayu and Vivaan does to something like they used to do in their childhood.

Meanwhile, Naksh informs everyone that Karishma will not be the part of this skit as she is gone to donate blood to the child of her friend. She also informs the whole family that Kartik will play the role of Karishma in this play.

Rajshri became the narrator and Naira and Kartik has to portray the role of bride and groom. Rajshri started narrating the story, she told everyone that Ganga and Madhav were marrying one day. But on the day of their marriage, police came there and blamed Madhav of being a traitor to his country. Madhav says I will sacrifice my life for my country. Ganga protects him and told Madhav that she want to be his wife.

Madhav fills sindoor in her maang and marriage him. Madhav goes to the police. The drama ends and everyone claps.


In the upcoming episode, Kartik will thank Naira. Naira will say you have to return the favour when I will ask for it. Both, laughs.