Special Episode! YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2016 Written Updates

Special Episode! YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2016 Written Updates :- The Episode starts with the scene of everyone gathered in the church to witness the marriage of Yash and Rose. The priest of the church asked bride’s father to bring out the bride.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates

Then, Akshara informed Priest that, Rose does not have the father but her brother will bring her down for the marriage rituals. Kartik brings Rose for the marriage and he smiles seeing Naira there.

Meanwhile, Rukmani along with Anmol reaches the church and was shocked to see the mate gate locked.

On the other side, the rituals for the marriage of Yash and Rose get started but Yash refused to marry Rose. Everyone get shocked after hearing this verdict from the Yash.

Laster, Yash told them that he will not marry Rose until Rukmani will come. Suddenly, Rukmani reaches there and told everyone that see I am here and I was so desperate to witness this marriage as I have entered this hall through the window.

Yash smiles and Anmol hugs him. Finally, Yash and Rose get married and Priest asks them to kiss. They both kiss on each other’s cheeks.

Akshara congratulates everyone for the new marriage of Yash and Rose. Rukmani gave her blessing to the newly married couple.

Meanwhile, Shaurya and Varsha looks for their car to take out the cake. But, were not able to find their car.

But, a guard told help them to find their car. Shaurya takes out the cake from the car and fumbles the cake and the icing on the cake get spoiled.

But Varsha told Shaurya that, she knew that he would do this, and that’s why she has brought the icing cream to fix it.

On the others side, both families were doing the candles rituals. Kartik told everyone that it is the family affair, so I can not participate in this. But Rose asked him to do it as he is her brother.

Meanwhile, Martha was explaining the colors significance in their culture. Akshara took out the green color on the big plate and prays. Gayu took pink color and she also prays along with the other family members.

In between this, Varsha completed the icing on the cake and Shaurya thanked her. Shaurya also told her to marry again. Varsha replies are you mad? this time is for our children to marry, not for us. Then, they both laughs.

Yash keeps the flowers in the Naksh’s pocket and promised him that he will soon find a appropriate partner for her.

Martha thanks Rukmani for coming in the marriage. But reminded her the about the one-month world tour that Martha had promised her as a dowry. Martha says, of course, I will fulfill your this desire.

Then, Akshara asked everyone for dance. Everyone started dancing on the song Janam. Janam. Kartik was smiling and looking at the Naira and Gayu was smiling and looking at him.

Everyone started changing their dance partner and in between that Kartik noticed that Naira zip of her dress was coming down. He takes her aside and for dance. Naira opposes her but later Kartik informs her about the zip.

Then, she put the zip up and thanked Kartik. Naksh sees all this. On the other hand, Martha expressed her happiness about the marriage of her daughter and put Rose’s hand in the hand of Yash.

Rajshri sings Shoen di Chiriye song and everyone started crying. Akshara was recalling her marriage and how she get left her house and become the Akshara Singhania.


In the upcoming episode, we will witness that Akshara will inform everyone about the ritual of the bride throwing the bouquet and the girl who will catch that bouquet will marry next. Rose throws the bouquet.