Akshara Gets Shocked! YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Akshara Gets Shocked! YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Naira dancing. Naksh asked Akshara not to get worried as Naira is strong by heart. Everyone worried about finding the Dance teacher for Naira. Akshara says Guru Maa won’t come, Devyaani says, she felt that Gurumaa was discouraging Naira.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Updates

Akshara interrupts and says, no she want Naira to perform well. Meanwhile, Naksh gave light weighted ghungroos to Naira. On the other side, Nannu denied to meet Naira, but Vishabhar ask him to meet Naira and then, he agrees to it. But, then went to his room and uses drugs and Kartik doubt on him. And followed him in his room but he told Kartik that he want to sleep. Then, Kartik received a call and says now he can meet Naira.

Gayu asked him how did he come. He replied I will go if you don’t like. He told her Bau Ji called him. She asks him to give the second opinion on her designs.

He says to call it expert advice, I told you it’s my family habit to evaluate and show mistakes. She smiles. Naira comes and he looks at her.

Naira comes and jokes on Kartik. Kartik says I thought to meet you so, your illness will go. He thought her dance tutorials. She asks how did you get this, Kartik replied he learned all these from the

She asks why is he so helpful, whats his intention. He says my intentions are good and you will know someday. Meanwhile, Bau Ji asked Kartik to send orders on time. Gayu suddenly gets a call and asks how can it change suddenly, She tells Akshara that judges are coming soon, competition will be at 4pm.

Akshara says Naira’s program is at 5pm. Bhabhimaa says how will we attend two things. Bau Ji says we will get divided and go. Gayu asked Akshara is my show stopper. Naira said everyone does not need to come in my dance program, they can go to Gayu.

Gayu told Akshara can go with Naira asked I will get some other show stopper. Akshara says no, I will think, its big day for me, I want to be at both places with my two daughters. Naira asked why is Akshara praying now, as she was against her dance in the morning.

Rajshri talks to Akshara and Akshara asked where is Nannu. Rajshri asked what, he left much time before as he is not answering my call. Akshara says he will come and maybe he went to his friend.
Dadi says Nannu got scolded in childhood too.

Kuhu told Nannu is sleeping in his room. Rajshri asked how can this happen as I have seen him going. Vishwamber told she did not tell us after coming back. Dadi says I will beat him with a stick.

Akshara prays for Naira and Gayu and Gayu cries as she thinks Akshara is just praying for Naira. Naksh told Akshara that he is going to deposit money and will come soon and She says come soon as Naira will need you.

Bhabhimaa asked Akshara to feed curd to her daughters. Akshara asked Bhabhimaa to feed them. Bhabhimaa makes Naira and Gayu have curd. Akshara asks Naira did she keep everything Cd? Naira says yes but I left my phone. Naira says if I told her that I forgot CD, she would have known it.

Meanwhile, Gayu thinks Akshara remembers everything about Naira but she did not check her design changes. She gets the call and Akshara told Devyaani that she is keeping tiffin for Gayu and everything is kept in her bag. She praises Gayu and calls out Gayu and asks her to take blessing from Rashmi and Sameer. Gayu does the same.

Naksh is on the way and sees the goon and stops his car and asked why are you following me, I will do police complaint. The goon leaves and Naksh see his money bag stolen and says did that goon plan this to steal money. He called Akshara to inform.

Kartik thinks I can’t miss Naira’s dance program but what reason shall I give to Naksh, he will get angry seeing me, its still fine, I will manage. He asked Lord to do something.

Rajshri comes there and asked do you have much work today? Kartik says no, why? Rajshri told Kartik that Varsha and Shaurya had to go for imp work, will you take me to Gayu and Naira’s programs. He gets glad and agrees to it. She says we have to leave now, shall we go?. He says I m ready, come.

Rama calls Akshara and told her that she is coming to surprise Gayu for her exhibition. Akshara says you know that too. Akshara says even I m in a dilemma, but there will be the solution.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani say that its good Rama is coming. Akshara says it is my test too as Gayu made me show stopper and named her collection on me.

I have to go there and Naira is fulfilling Naitik’s dream, I have to go there as well, both are necessary, I have to reach on both events on time. She prays for her daughters’ success.


In the upcoming episode, Gayu will ask Akshara to come fast. Akshara says don’t take tension, I m coming. Naira’s dupatta gets torn and Akshara stops.