Yeh Vaada Raha 17th October 2016 Written Updates Khushi lying Unconscious!

Yeh Vaada Raha 17th October 2016 Written Updates Khushi lying Unconscious! : Zee TV most satisfaction interesting show, Yeh Vaada Raha looks like a delightful exciting program, which gives the endless voltage potential that brings to the Yeh Vaada Raha supporters.



Yeh Vaada Raha 17th October 2016 Written Update

The strong TV series Yeh Vaada Raha absolutely made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never falling the dilemma way and definitely the important crux of the show is to showcase in the current episodes that, Kartik is again deceived in by the tone of the anklets, and finds that Ichcha is charming to him, asking for that he come. As they are in a room, lit by candles, on every divider of the room, Kartik and ichcha confront each other.

she asks with reference to whether he knows the results of denying her what she needs, as she can kill his young lady. he finds khushi lying on the floor, absent. she exhorts him that he loves survi past a sensible uncertainty. she alerts aggravated that one by one, she ought to finish his entire family.

Where In the most recent episode, kartik is out and out shaken up by what he saw. the driver sees him like that and requires in the matter of whether he is okay. he comes.

He is dropped at his home. he surges in, and after that comprehends that he fail to thank the related, and does an inversion to the auto, in any case, finds that the young woman is sitting in the driver’s seat.

He pulls back totally petrified, as she turns out, inquisitive in the matter of why is he startled, as she helped him all through the way, even thought he got out her halfway. he surges in, while she starts grinning.

As kartik surges inside, he starts hollering for survi. hema, lata, and others swing out, claiming what happened. he continues asking for survi. aniket asks with reference to why is he so strained.

kartik again starts prattling, that his significant other is a spirit. ichaha obliges them too. kartik is shocked to see and says that she can’t be here, as she was just in the haveli, and a short time later outside. hema says that ichcha is with them for so long.

kartik starts going insane, contemplating in what limit would she have the capacity to be in such an assortment of spots. khushi is unnerved as she sees him like that. he gets furious and wild, as he portrays everything, aside from finds that he himself doesn’t sound trusting much.

He examines how he touched base here in her auto, while survi tries to talk, yet he calmed her down. he says that it’s her auto in a manner of speaking. he amasses everyone outside and shows to them the auto, notwithstanding, they all stand boggled.

As he himself looks, he finds that its Kartik’s auto in a manner of speaking. they are pestered by him. he is himself paralyzed at what he sees. survi hustles to him, while he doesn’t recognize what’s going on. she tells him that he gave back this auto.

He says that it’s inconceivable, while ichcha keeps turning one thumb over the other. he then says that he can exhibit that this young woman is dead. they are staggered. he points out the lower legs that were on her feet after she wandered down from the heaven. all are strained and boggled.

However to outlandishness, he, aniket demands that her come. she evacuates her shoes and thereafter they all look at her feet.

Hhey is done fine, and kartik falls level all over yet again. aniket demands that he stop, as she is his companion.He has irritated her enough starting now and in case he has an issue with him and her.

At that point, he can leave rightaway. he importunes him not to talk like this about her, as she starts crying. kartik asks with reference to why may he require it, and tries to make him acknowledge.

Survi says that noone ought to go wherever and they may all be here figuratively speaking. she calls the ladies inside, and a short time later, similarly asks for that kartik come in. ichcha grins at him.