Yeh Vaada Raha 21st October 2016 Written Updates! Survi is unconscious

Yeh Vaada Raha 21st October 2016 Written Updates! Survi is unconscious :- ZEE TV most comfortable extraordinary show, Yeh Vaada Raha looks like a fabulous spectacular program, which gives the great voltage potential that shifts to the Yeh Vaada Raha supporters.


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st October 2016 Written Update

The complimentary TV series Yeh Vaada Raha frequently made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never leaving dilemma way and quickly the strange crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, As survi lies on the floor, khushi is upset and implores her to get up in any case. survi advises her to go from that point. in the interim, khushi eyes ichcha sliding down the stairs, while survi is quick oblivious. she gets khushi by the hair, and after that tying her hands, she puts a niche around her throat, while khushi is apalled and troubled, and miserably in tears.

Where In the latest incident,At the point when kartik awakens, he ends up on the bed, while she remaining before him. she sits and requests that he take a seat, and rest, as today his torment might end since she should kill him, and take him to her reality.

She says that today is the night of their culmination and that she didnt kill him yet since she can take him to her reality simply following 9 days of being hitched and they end this evening.

Subsequently, she should slaughter him and bring him with her. she begins chuckling, while he is petrified. The following day, Kartik awakens, with a brilliant stunning daylight, while survi herself has bad dreams of his marriage with ichcha.

She eyes her mangalsutra and is noticeably strained, as she eyes the family pic, as she instinctually feels that something isn’t right, and her heart beats quick. she hears hema calling her, and goes down, while khushi is sleeping soundly.

As she descends, she finds that similar Baba has been called. they eye each other tensedly. the baba says that today evening time is to a great degree risky, and they need to discover where the soul has kept kartik, or else everything is lost. bindu requests that what they have do.

He says that there is only one path, to get to that place and that too by somebody who has seen her, alongside this favored pack, and delivers one. they are every one of the strained. survi stands tensely as he goes to her, and discloses that she needs to spread the rice.

In a similar place where she had last observed kartik, and that might draw in the soul to leave covering up, and after that, he should manage the soul. Bindu says that she excessively knows. in any case, he says that it might be futile and only that individual should go who has seen the soul.

They ask survi to go, while she stands stoically. lata inquires as to whether she too needs what, and says that they should be as one in this, and implores her to consent to him. lata beseeches her to get kartik back. survi consents to go at last.

They are assuaged. she takes the pack from the minister, who favors her, and advises her that she needs to reach there before night, and after in the wake of doing her work, she cannot remain back there for even a moment, till then.

He should keep all of them safe, and attempt to catch the soul as well. survi eyes the master and afterward the sack. The screen solidifies on Survi takes the sack and after that enters the haveli stealthily, drawing nearer with the alert.

She is unmindful that khushi is taking after her from behind, sorry that she came here without her insight and consent, however, she would discover her dad out today. the screen solidifies all over.