Yogeshwar Dutt to get Gold Medal ? London 2012 games medal

Yogeshwar Dutt to get Gold Medal ? London 2012 games medal :- The year’s Olympics has been a disappointment for the Yogeshwar Dutt as he failed to make any impact. Although, the bronze medalist from Olympics 2012 has been in the news in recent times as his bronze medal won in the 60kg freestyle category, could be upgraded to Silver.


This buzz in around for a couple of weeks as the Russia’s Besik Kudokhov, who won the Silver medal in the 60kg freestyle category found guilty of consuming the banned substance. The sample of the urine of this Russian wrestler came positive and thus, the news of upgrading the Yogeshwar Dutt’s bronze to Silver caught fire.

Meanwhile, there came another media report on Friday evening that gave the hint that Yogeshwar’s Bronze could be upgraded to Gold Medal because Toghrul Asgarov, who won the gold in London in the 60kg freestyle category is under the radar as he is also found guilty of consuming another illegal substance.

Although, there is no official announcement about the up gradation of the Yogeshwar’s bronze medal but there is huge talk going around in the world. The media wing talked to Yogeshwar Dutt regarding this and he informed media wing that ” I have heard about this but I am completely unaware of the rules and thus, I cannot give any verdict regarding this. Also, there is another wrestler Coleman Scott – who lost to Asgarov. And there is still a lot of confusion regarding the medal. But, I hope everything will get cleared soon.”

Navin Agarwal, the director of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) told media wing that ” If some gold or Silver medalist got failed to pass Dope test then, WADAUWW will have to see, who deserves Gold medal. But, I know one thing when a person dies then all the charges and cases against him got dropped.”

Well, we all know that Kudokhov died in a car accident in 2013. But, according to WADA, it is believed that his sample has been frozen and not only of him but the sample of other athletes are found keep frozen for next 10 years to keep checking it to found the guilty person who escaped the test during competition.

Navin Aggarwal further added that ” If an athlete is found positive of Dope test then it does not mean he is guilty. The WADA has also to look for the other evidence. But it is a good concept as it will motive other athletes to be fully professional and it will motive them to not go for other banned substances.”

This week has been full of thrills regarding this issue. Meanwhile, Yogeshwar recently told media wing that if his bronze medal will be upgraded then he will give it to the family of Kudokhov.