Yogeshwar Dutt’s Poem on JNU controversy said “If Afzaal is martyr than, what is Hanumanthappa”

Yogeshwar Dutt’s Poem on JNU controversy said “If Afzaal is martyr than, what is Hanumanthappa” : What happened in JNU University is still in news still we are saying that this type of incident’s are not going to accept by us but what we can do if somewhere our people supporting those people. This is so shameless what happened in JNU but after that that’s also shameless what happened in Kolkata University how can someone support that type of negative response.

And with this same question our wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt came up on twitter and said that “for those people soldier dying and for those people pride players are playing?” well this is really painful for us and I think this needs to change but how?

When our politicians are busy with their politics and our people are busy on their own life then who is thinking about the nation? Nobody!!!

Yogeshwar Dutt just didn’t tweeted a statement he also shared a poem on twitter and today I think you all need to read this poem because if our players and soldiers are trying their best to make us pride than what we are doing?

Yogeshwar Dutt said that “did you have Gajni’s blood because you are taking the side of Afzaal, from the country you belong you saying that country your enemy, what kind of freedom of word it is if you abuse your mother country…”

This type of heart touching line shared by Yogeshwar Dutt on his twitter account and now it’s in our hand what we want to gave this player on answer on these lines.

I think we all are speechless and what we can do nothing but this is right people like Afzaal Is growing because our own people giving them platform to grow so just think before you say and do something for your nation.