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You’ve been gamified! – How online casinos are retaining their customers

Majority of the mobile or online casino platforms offer a wide variety of slot games to their players these days. Over and above that, they also provide players many different reasons to regularly visit these platforms. These reasons could be anything like free spins, bonus offers and other attractive promo offers. The idea is to ensure the players’ loyalty. All these offers can be bracketed under the term ‘gamification’.

If you’re a regular at reputed online casino platforms such as platinumplayonlinecasino.com and the similar kinds you’d know what we are referring to here. Every online casino has its own ways and means to gamify its visitors (on a side note here’s an article on Forbes.com showing how gamification is going to change the present day workplaces).

Let’s go over some such popular ways that are regularly used by these establishments to keep their players motivated and well engaged on their portals.

Loyalty points for playing mobile casino games

It isn’t uncommon for these online platforms to offer loyalty points to their visitors to ensure that they keep visiting them again and again. The more time a player spends playing at an online casino, the more he/she can earn in terms of loyalty points and bonuses. These points can then be used for anything and everything ranging from cash back bonuses to free spins to even VIP privileges.

Leaderboard places

A very regularly used method of gamification by the mobile casino websites, this idea finds easy and wide acceptance among the casino players everywhere. One can easily score points through this gamification method. The more number of points a player earns, the higher he/she is placed on the leaderboard.

Some of the mobile casino games even provide the players topping these leaderboards with various attractive and additional bonuses and privileges. It motivates them to improve their gameplay and spend more time on the mobile platform.

Missions and goals within the mobile games

This one’s another highly creative method of gamifying regular users of mobile casino games. It’s a natural phenomenon that whenever you provide someone with a mission or a goal, that person doesn’t feel bored while performing that task. It keeps motivating him/her to continue playing (for the accomplishment of the mission) leading to more time spent on the mobile game. Once he/she successfully completes the mission, the casino platform might offer him/her various bonuses, free spins and/or treats.

These are handful of methods in which mobile casino platforms actively turn their regular visitors into long-term loyalists. These are also the measures which are actively contributing to the growth of UK’s gaming industry (as detailed in this article on Telegraph.co.uk). In fact, there are many other ways too. The overall idea is to somehow motivate the visitors to continue playing and develop brand loyalty with the passage of time. Having taken inspiration from gamification, another term ‘gamblification’ has also been coined in the online gambling circles. It is the intersection of gambling and gamification, and refers to the ways in which gamblers are encouraged to try out mobile casino games and are then made regulars through various gamification methods!