YRKKH Actress Hina khan aka Akshara going to Marry Soon with BEAU Rocky Jaiswal

YRKKH Actress Hina khan aka Akshara going to Marry Soon with BEAU Rocky Jaiswal :- The famous Indian Daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we will see that Akshara finds a crystal which is written with ‘I Love Karthik’. Akshara gets very serious and gets shocked to get it inside the house. She finds some papers and documents which are related to Karthik in the room of Naira and after this, she finds out that both Naira and Gayu are in love with Karthik.


Now, Akshara thinks to cut the secrets out and finds out the truth. Akshara calls both the girls and asks them about the truth. When Naira was about to tell she was stopped by Gayu and then Gayu tells the truth and confesses  in front of her first that she loves Karthik.

Now, Akshara is happy and also worried about Gayu. But due to this Naira gets broken from inside and she is very sad because she does not get the possible chance to confess her love for Karthik.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

As Akshara and Gayu leave the room, Naira starts crying and feels very bad because she has to leave Karthik for the happiness of Gayu. Now Naira is very angry on herself because she takes too much time to get sure about her love and then to confess to anyone about it.
But the main thing is still not enclosed as the love of Karthik for Naira is still about to disclose in the show and as he will going to know about Gayu and her confession, his reaction will going to be very shocking.
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